If your leader isn’t moving forward, you’re not moving forward, because your results are a reflection of your leader’s results.
10 Things That Abruptly Happen When Real Leadership Shows Up
Benjamin P. Hardy

So true! I’ve battled with this in so many agencies- This ridiculous push to stay the same and continue to do things the same way no matter what. Guess what!? Times are changing, research is pouring in, and unless you’re willing to keep up then you will get left behind.

It is so hard to be an employee suffocated by the people who should be promoting strengths, new ideas, and the development/growth of those they bring in. But, I’ve also learned that innovative employees often intimidate the “leaders”.. They tend to push so hard back against them that employees lose their spark or leave the agency/company.

My question for those leaders is... Who have you lifted up in order to prepare for when you leave? Do you want your complacent employees to hold the future of your agency/branch/company? Or do you want someone with spark and knowledge of your company’s then and now to lead and carry it for many more years? Your choice..

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