The Great Expectation

It hurts when you ask

Not ask, but plead

Just one more

Another tiny being to adore

I hate when you ask

Because I so hate to tell you why

I hate to admit to my lack of patience

How sometimes I break down and cry

I hate to say

I can’t give you much,

But I’ll give you this

My energy is on E


My daughter is the best I could perceive

Is it ok to say?

I have things on my list to do

Besides my husband and pleasing you

Just understand me

I hate when you ask me why

Because I hate to dismiss a precious wish


As I see it

Kids aren’t a thing to possess

They aren’t a trinket or a dish

So hear me when I say sorry

But don’t confuse it as owed

We aren’t aligned

I’m just a mom

Living her life

With one little princess

And my little family will more than suffice

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