Being a mom doesn’t make you a teacher.

Why I wont pretend to be what I’m not.

I won’t be a stay at home mom. I’m just not good at it, and I won’t pretend I am. Staying at home and providing the proper educational, social, and play experiences is damn hard. And, unfortunately I don’t think providing love is the only thing needed to prepare my daughter for the high expectations awaiting her in the school system- not to mention the intense social dynamics she will no doubt encounter.

So cheers to all of you amazing mothers who can think up educational crafts while cooking, cleaning, and entertaining your little(s). You’re amazing! I don’t mind admitting that it may not be my forte. Instead, I will thank all those amazing preschool teachers, daycare teachers, early childhood, elementary, middle, and high school teachers… because I NEED YOU! And, I will admit it. Without you my daughter will not learn calculus. Without you I will not know how to teach my daughter how to associate her sounds with her letters, do division, or identify the planets. Thank you for not only teaching her, but for teaching me how to nurture this learning. Because although nurturing is a natural thing for me, teaching a child is not.


A Truthful Mom

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