No More…

ok so i get that im not a parent myself but over the last 10 years i believe i have helped and guided my sister as much as i possibly can like a parent would. So this situation has me angry and annoyed that i cant protect my lil sis from such a monster….

How is it possible for a mother who gave birth to us to turn her back on us and start a new life? Not every one is meant to be together yeah fair enough dont ever stay together because of kids because that causes more harm then good in my opinion. But never would you expect to be replaced/forgotten about by your own mother.

A mother is meant to be a girls best friend, someone who is there through absolutely everything but no not this one she decided we werent good enough for her anymore.

Personally i decided enough was enough i wasnt going to force someone to be my mother when she clearly didnt want to be so i made the heartbreaking decision to cut her off completely as it was worth the constant fight of trying to be the daughter that i wasnt. Thats fine but now starts to treat my sister the same. Lets get one thing straight first never have we once asked her for money or anything apart from being a decent mother not much to ask if you ask me.

So now it comes time for my lil sister to graduate from high school her only daughter graduating how exciting something that should be shared with your mother. Yeah well not this one….she was invited to graduation because lil sis wanted her there fair enough we are all adults and can be civil for lil sis sake. “No i cant make it..cost alot of money” (lives in melbourne). Lil sis disappointed because this same person goes on endless expensive holidays lives very comfortably yet couldnt even spend $300 return to see her only daughter graduate…big milestone in my eyes i think. So ok lil sis moved on and realised the important people that matter will be there thats all she needs the people who have stood by her and watch and help her grow into the amazing young woman shes becoming. Next question asking to chip in half for graduation outfit etc which i think is only fair to be honest but i could be wrong, “$100 is all i can afford”. $100!!!!!! seriously yeah ok better than nothing at all i get that but when this person spends endless money on a comfortable lifestyle and who pays very minimal for lil sis that is absolutely disgusting. HOW COULD YOU CALL YOURSELF A MOTHER? Your happy to claim how you have shaped her into the person she is today claim what you can but when she wanted you there on an important day of her life you cant be bothered to spend a lousy $300. WHAT A DISGRACE YOU ARE!!!

Im glad lil sis has finally seen who you really are. You havent upset me with all of this because i expect nothing less from you anymore but the fact your doing this to my lil sis im furious.

Lil sis doesnt deserve a mother like you who puts everything above her only daughter. !!!!!