The 20% Project

The 20% project is a project that allows students to think outside of the box. It promotes creativity. But, the problem is that students have a tough time inventing ideas that don’t exist. It’s a challenging project, but I think it’s a good idea. This project will prepare us for the work force in the future.

The problem that I see with the 20% project is the time in between each genius hour day. There’s a week time span in between each genius hour day. I know that I've had homework every single day since school started. I haven’t gone home without homework. I also have practice everyday and a meet once during a school week. I’m telling you this because it shows how squished not only me, but how all of the students are crunched on time. It’s hard to work on a project, and think about the project during the week when I have 10 million different things going on at all the times. So by the time we get to the next genius hour day, I've forgotten some of my ideas.

But overall, I do think that this project is a good idea. After everyone gets their idea on what they’re going to do, I think it will be easier. But as of now, it’s kind of difficult. i’m thinking of doing my project on some type of sports thing, but I don’t really know what to do it on.

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