Two Weeks Today

I’ve been in Texas for two weeks today, and am finally finding time to start a blog about my adventures in this new state! We arrived last Sunday evening, after a very long three-day trek across 2,000 miles of the United States. We’d originally left late Wednesday morning, only to discover an hour and a half into our trip, that our 1994 Ford Ranger, Honey Badger, was just not going to make it. We’d packed it and one other vehicle with our life’s belongings, and it was just too weighed down.

So after an excellent dinner at Souji House and a recouperating night at the Sherwood Inn in Garberville, we turned around and headed back to Humboldt County to purchase a replacement truck.

Now, writing it out like this makes it seem like it was a breeze, but let me relay that it was incredibly stressful. We spent all day Thursday checking out used car lots, while my husband slowly convinced me that we should spend more money than I wanted and buy a newer truck we actually liked instead of just getting something old and cheap we’d end up selling when we arrived. We had a late lunch at Los Bagels, test-drove two trucks, discussed pros and cos of each while emptying our belongings from Honey Badger, and started the purchase-process around 3pm.

By 6pm, we were minus a Ford Ranger and plus an F-150. This is me grudgingly saying goodbye to Honey Badger, my first-ever truck, on which I learned to drive a manual transmission, and in which I hauled a lot of gardening supplies.

Thank you to my best friend, Julie, for cooking for us, giving us a place to stay the night, and helping us load the new truck. And thank you to her boyfriend, Jeffrey, for bringing over champagne and taking this photo of us planning out our route and our airbnb stops.

Stay tuned for our cross-country adventure, updates on our house projects, and photos and reviews of places we discover in our new area!