Tools for Copywriters (It’s Not Cheating)

I wanted to put together a collection of sites I use in the process of copywriting. While much of the work happens in my head, there are plenty of tools I rely on along the way. Please: steal, pilfer, enjoy.

Thesaurus //

This site is the obvious choice, but there are plenty of excellent thesaurus sites online. When you have a word, but it’s not the right one, this is the place to go. Make sure to scroll and check all the tabs. Scrutinize, always.

RhymeZone //

Rhyming often doesn’t work in advertising, but the ideas of poetic language are always at play. This site shows more than basic rhymes, offering slant rhymes, words with similar assonance or consonance, phrases and more. It’s a gold mine.

Idiom Dictionary //

First, let me say that PUNS MUST WORK TWO WAYS. OK, great, got that off my chest. If you’re looking for fresh ways to use wordplay, try this site. It’ll help you discover common idioms and proverbs, phrases you can then twist in clever ways. The site also has dictionary, thesaurus and encyclopedia capabilities. I beg you, make good puns.

Sundberg’s Color Thesaurus //

Writer Ingrid Sundberg created this extremely helpful grid of colors several years ago, giving hundreds of shades a proper name. Precision is a beautiful thing.

Really Good Emails //

Simply, this is the best archive of good, catchy, cool marketing emails. Since emails have no character counts or word limits, I find they’re a great source for discovering interesting brand voices and styles. Keep your taste top-notch.

Moat Ad Search //

I like to search brands I’m just starting to work with to see what they’ve already done. Moat is like the Pinterest of web banner ads, which I realize sounds like a much-worse Pinterest (and is), but it can be quite helpful.

Grammar Girl //

If you need to know a grammatical rule, even if it’s just to break it, look it up here. You’ll get simple, straightforward explanations on all things syntax, semantics and grammar.

It’s amazing how much is out there to help writers. Use it. Until copywriting becomes an Olympic sport, it’s not cheating.

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