Confused Journalism Student Attempts to Use Brain

I have been instructed by my Journalism Professor and Lab Instructor to start thinking about what topic I am interested in and what I want my final project to be on.

Well, this is a struggle for two main reasons. The first being that this week I have four midterms and my brain is completely out of ideas. And the second being that the things I find interesting are too entirely uninteresting to other people no one would want to read it.

The only thing I can even think about writing on is politics. I could really focus on what I talked about in my previous assignment. My subject could be how the Republican Party is perceived to college students, and what common misconceptions they make.

Finding a Republican student on a college campus is extremely challenging, especially this election cycle. But what many people don’t know about the GOP, might be keeping them from this party.

There are many sites online and groups that attempt to bring in college voters to the GOP are sites like this one. The CRNC even has a video made my college age students saying why they are Republican.

I’ll go into the common stereotypes of Republicans and why they are wrong. I’ll probably have to touch on how Donald Trump isn’t necessarily an accurate representation on the party’s ideals.

To wrap up my paper I will lead into what the Republican party has to offer to college students and why it is a better choice than being a Democrat.

Well, that’s all my brain has for now.

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