Is Jill Stein afraid of the word “abortion”?

Hey Dr. Jill Stein — it appears your website is out of date.

It’s 2016 and Dr. Stein is stumping for a place in the 2016 Presidential election. Dr. Stein’s website boasts some very progressive ideas but it has a slight glitch. It’s out of date. Three years out of date.

Pay close attention to the below section of Dr. Stein’s policies concerning Health Care.

Wait. Hold the phone. “Expand women’s access to “morning after” contraception by lifting the Obama Administration’s ban”? No mention of abortion but rather the nebulous term of “reproductive care.” In 2013, President Obama and his administration passed legislation allowing the morning after pill or “Plan-B” to be purchased without a prescription.

Why does any of this matter? This section of her website hasn’t been updated since 2013. That’s not a big deal, right? It is a big deal when a person who is running for President is not aware that misleading information is on their campaign site.

At the time of publication no response had been received from Dr. Stein’s campaign concerning the out-of-date policy cited above.