How To Download Latest Qualcomm Flash Tool

If you are a Qualcomm chipset powered device then this great tool will matter a lot to enhance the device performance and along with the best flashing process. Download the latest version of Qualcomm Flash Tool directly from below to experience extraordinary flashing procedures.

Why Qualcomm Flash Tool?

The Qualcomm Flash tool is capable of flashing stock firmware to a device. This is common among people who need to resolve software errors, rid their devices from bugs, and repair the device to regular working order. This great tool will help the people to flash the stock ROM on every Qualcomm handset without any errors. This is an official product and there is no any restriction to use on devices all the Qualcomm chipset powered devices are allowed to use this astonishing firmware.


You can download the utility from the official host and this is a freeware and windows based software. Thus to make it easy I have collected the official link for QPST flash tool simply navigate to the site from here.

Disclaimer: QPST flash tool assumes no responsibility for errors or omissions in the contents on the Service.

Execution Methodology

Step 1: Connect your Qualcomm device to the PC via USB cable
Step 2: Next navigate to C:\program files\QPST\bin folder
Step 3: open the config file from the folder
Step 4: Once the config file is launched, click on the port menu
Step 5: Next select the start clients menu and select software download
Step 6: Now you will be able to see the QPST software dialog box
Step 7: Promptly click on the browse button and locate the firmware on your computer that you want to flash on your Qualcomm device
Step 8: Now under the boot image, click on the browse button to locate the BOOT_LODER_HEX file
Step 9: Presently simply click on the start button to start the process
Step 10: After a success full flashing process you will be able to see the green bar
Step 11: Simply remove the handset from the PC and restart it before using it

Wrap Up!

I believe that this simple guide will work for every flashing lovers device and everyone who are eagerly waiting to use new firmware from their handsets. Thanks to the developers who have made every mans dream comes true. Happy flashing with QPST flash tool!