Terry McAuliffe is the state governor of Virginia and the 72nd governor. He was born in Syracuse New York on February 9, 1957. His father was Onondaga Cqunty Democratic party’s treasurer and sold real estate. He went to High school at Bishop Luddon Highschool and went to Catholic University for His undergrad and Georgetown University for law school. He has earned millions through various jobs being a banker, a real estate developer, a home builder, a hotel owner, and an internet venture capitalist. He began working in politics in 1980, he was in the position of a financial director for Jimmy Carter He supported the bipartisan transportation bill, he supports the “Silver line” which would grow the metro-rail in Northern Virginia. He mainly addressed Abortion, Education and Healthcare, Energy and environmental issues, LGBT rights, gun politics, and taxes and spending. He wants to strengthen the common wealth’s pro-business climate. He also is a bipartisan for public education and is passionate about fighting for those who have preserved our country. He has been married to his wife Dorothy since 1988 and has five children. He has brought billions in capital investments and has provided plenty of jobs to the community. He also has served as Chairman of the National Governors Association, and used that leadership position to assist states as they strengthen their cybersecurity policies and infrastructure and was appointed by President Obama to NGA’s Council of Governers and from that position gave advice on national security matters. Terry mccauliff has re-given rights to over 161,000 virginians. He was first elected goverener in Janurary of 2014. Maccouliff ran for public office the frst time in 2009 but ended up loosing primaries, after loosing he founded something called GreenTech Automotive which is a green car company designed to generate more jobs. This was later redesigned and re-

modeled in April of 2013

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