On Overcoming Fear of Tooth-Shaming & Cost To See A Dentist At Last
Ester Bloom

Oh, Billfolders, as predicted, y’all are just the wisest and sweetest! Glad to hear I’m not alone in my predicament and grateful for your advice.

It can be oddly difficult to transition out of a mindset of utter scarcity (where you save every possible penny and feel guilt about what you spend) into one where you can use your money as a tool to better your life.

I find myself consciously reminding myself: you have earned this money, it is yours to spend, taking care of your body is a necessary and valid expense. Sure, I spend small amounts of money stupidly and thoughtlessly, but this large-planned out expense takes some psyching up!

I’ll listen to some Spice Girls this Thursday to get my girl power going, then make the call to set an appointment. Promise.

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