Behind the Name: A Note about Our New Brand

Written by Brian Lemond, Managing Partner

For the past ten years, two divisions have worked side-by-side in our Brooklyn studio. Some know us as Brooklyn United — a cultural-impact digital agency. Others know us as Brooklyn Digital Foundry — specialists in computer-generated video and imagery. Behind the scenes, these two teams operate as a single company with a unified vision — leverage design and technology to make a difference for our clients.

As the marketplace for digital agencies and content producers races forward, we’ve happily arrived at a moment where clients seek end-to-end partnership, recognizing the value of a dedicated brand steward delivering integrated solutions. More than ever, we deliver on that need; our work spans consultation, ideation, and execution — from foundational research and strategic direction to final deployment and asset production. So today we’re taking down the virtual fence between our agency and content teams and consolidating under one banner: Brooklyn Digital Foundry.

A little history.

When we started this journey in 1999, our work ranged from website design and development to the production of CG imagery. As we grew, we evolved. We maintained our focus on the value of user-centered design and forward-looking technology as we stretched into new areas — brand, campaign, mobile, video. That increasing diversification and complexity of our services presented an opportunity to segment our offerings, and in 2008 we launched Brooklyn United.

The introduction of the United division clarified how we spoke about our brand, digital, and campaign work, and supported ambitious expansions from our earliest work with architectural and cultural organizations into new arenas including fashion, entertainment, real estate, news media, technology, and social impact. Perhaps most importantly, it allowed the Foundry division to continue growing its reputation for helping architectural and civic pioneers communicate their visions through CG, motion and graphic design, and live-action video and image presentations of future projects.

The two-division model proved successful, guiding clientele like Netflix, Columbia University, and Facebook to the right teams and producing award-winning work that connected with audiences. Today we merge divisions to streamline our company and capitalize on the success of each unit.

What’s next.

Joining under the Brooklyn Digital Foundry name offers some great benefits. We’re more clear — our new website showcases the diversity of both our capabilities and our work. We’re more recognizable — our new brand captures the moment, reflecting the thoughtful confidence we bring to our work and relationships. And we’re unified — one team combining their skill and experience to produce exceptional results.

For our clients, this consolidation acknowledges their needs have also evolved. With the boundaries between brand, digital, and content eroding, bringing our teams together supports the cross-pollination essential to thriving in this new environment. We might direct a video to enhance a brand launch, or we might design a website that helps people find just what they’re looking for. Each circumstance demands a unique response, and audiences aren’t sitting still. So neither are we.

I speak for our entire team when I say we’re excited for this change and are looking forward to the new conversations, challenges, and opportunities to come.

Brian Lemond is a Managing Partner at Brooklyn Digital Foundry. You can reach him at

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