The Boy Across the Street

Sorry, I have begun to write about more personal and deep topics. So again, just WARNING, this is pretty personal and emotional, but it is what was on my mind as I sat down to write this morning.

About six months ago, my friend and neighbor unexpectedly took his own life. I had never dealt with a suicide before. It was heart wrenching to go from seeing someone every day and talking to them, to not having them around. I can’t even imagine how difficult the last 6 months have been for his family and closer friends. My prayers continually go out to them.

I took this boy to school every day. I would pull up in front of his house and he would jump into my car. He was often quiet but was the kindest and most polite teenage boy that I have ever meet. His parents really must have taught him well. But we was so genuinely kind. When I got him talking he had quite the sense of humor. He would tease me and make me laugh. He was a talented runner and a smart kid, working hard in both of those areas. He had one of the best smiles that I’ve ever seen, and I’m not just saying that. He really did have one of my favorite smiles and I can still picture it today.

I don’t know what I am intending to accomplish by writing this, but I just want him to know that he is remembered and loved. I am grateful for the impact that he had on my life, even if it was only for a short phase of my life. He forever impacted my senior year of high school and has changed a part of who I am. He is missed and so greatly loved by me and so many others.