Cool Ideas to Enjoy a Summer Camp Without Going Anywhere (In your own backyard)

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No there’s no need for you to part with campsite fees, the cost of travel and every other vacation expense when you can have your own summer camp right at home. Backyard camping is not new but we’ll show you how to add some more excitement and thrill making it your best camping experience ever.

Setting up the space

You’ll definitely need a tent and some sleeping bags to set up your backyard camp. If you are looking to buy a camping tent, it’s best to find out how many people can fit in it. Other than the sleeping bags, you might need additional space inside the tent for other camping supplies, gear or dogs. Look for a 3-season tent that can be ideal to use during the hot summer months.

AS for the sleeping bags, consider the comfort ratings when choosing one. Choose season 3 sleeping bags that you can use in at different times of the year because they are designed to keep you comfortable all through.

You may also need to get a picnic table which you’ll really need in your backyard camp. This you can get from the house just make sure it will be suitable for you to prepare your meals while camping. You may also need to get a fire pit and grill to enjoy some tasty barbeques. Think of other basic camping supplies you might need and have them at the site early enough.

Play games

Keep the family properly entertained by playing some interesting games. You can have the kids play competitive games like racing each other and then gift the winner. If you are a big family, then divide yourselves into teams and play games where you compete against each other. Make sure you play safe games that every member of the family can enjoy.


Nothing makes backyard camping more complete than great food. You can start by preparing a barbeque which everyone is likely to enjoy. Make sure you also have a good number of cold beverages to hydrate. The kids will need some snacks too.If you are having a birthday party, then this is the best time to spend it with just your family. You can even prepare lots of different meals and invite your close friends to enjoy the camping experience with you.

Your little ones will also enjoy making their own dishes so let the kids chip in when preparing some meals. You can assign them the job of making simple juices like lemonade and help out when they need it. It’s a great way to make the kids feel involved in the camping experience.

What to do after dark

When darkness sets in, you don’t have to go to sleep right away. The point of camping is that you can enjoy the night time just as much as you have fun during the day. There are so many games that you can play when it’s dark. You can hide a prize and challenge the young ones to look for it using flashlights.

And it definitely won’t be considered camping if you don’t sing the songs we all sung during our camping days. Look for some of the songs you learnt in summer camp and teach your kids. It’s going to be a great bonding experience for your family without leaving home.

Most importantly, take time to enjoy the moment and share some special memories with your family. You’ll soon realize that you don’t need to travel miles away to have a good summer vacation because all you need is right there with you.