How to Create Your Own Custom Labels and Medicine Boxes?

Medicine although not the first thing of choice for anyone, is some of the most common everyday products for most people. People get forced into using medication on a daily basis because of certain temporary or permanent illnesses. However, storing these much-needed medicine products where they are easily accessible and can stay safe and secure for as long as required as well is something that requires much attention to detail.

For people who want to design their medicine boxes along with their very own custom labels, the options are wide open. The most important thing to keep in check for the medicine boxes is their ability to keep the medicine safe from various elements like exposure to humidity in the air, water damage or any other mishandling that they might go through in everyday use.

Most Suitable Materials:

When designing your medicine boxes, material choices are potentially limitless. You can use all the sturdy materials that you can get your hands on. However, when looking for a natural process where you don’t have to use many tools or will not require advanced handyman skills, thick and sturdy cardboard provides an excellent option. It is available in all kinds of strength and durability options along with smooth waterproof finish as well.

What You Will Need:

Although, this guide doesn’t require many advanced level tools or equipment, make sure to get all of the following things near you for a hassle-free experience:
7 Pieces of Cardboard with the following sizes:
1 Piece cut in 104 inches for the top layer of the box and bent at 2 inches long at a 90 angle to cover the back side as well.
1 Piece in 82 inches for the long side.
2 Pieces in 42 inches for the shorter sides.
2 Pieces in 82 inches for separate compartments in the box.
Quick Dry Superglue.
Lightweight and Slim magnetic strips for Open Close mechanism.
Custom Labels with empty name fields.
Writing permanent marker.

How to Assemble:

Once you have gathered all the required components for the medicine box, proceed with the following instructions:

Lay down all the cardboard pieces in their exact positions, as they are to be when the box is finished.

Get a butter knife or anything that you can apply the superglue with and apply it on the bottom side and the three sidepieces of the cardboard and put the four pieces in their required shape and position one by one while holding them each in position for until the glue dries and settles.

When the bottom and all sides are well settled in their position, apply the glue to the bottom of the compartment separator pieces and glue them in their required position leaving each compartment in the required size.

Attach both the pieces of the magnetic strip on the side and top cardboard piece right in the middle.

Apply glue to the edges of the top layer and glue it in place as well.
Paste the blank label on the front side or the top (as you prefer) and enjoy your safe and durable medicine box.

If you are making a couple of medicine boxes for your own usage, this method can work very well. But if you are a medicine manufacturer and are looking for cheapest wholesale offers for your custom boxes that have highest quality materials and very appropriate designs, Medicine Boxes by The Custom Boxes provide the most suitable solution.

With TheCustomBoxes, you can customize your custom boxes in exactly the shapes, designs, sizes or material quality that you prefer while not having to worry about durability and quality at all. Medicine boxes for multiple packaging are also available at lowest wholesale prices, and you can choose the printing text and designs for your custom boxes as well.

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