Many opportunities that will be presented to me at the University YMCA are related to topics that we have discussed in class. One of the lessons that stuck out to me was the one about Strength Quest and being self-aware. Self-Awareness is important because it teaches us to use our strengths to the best of our ability. My strengths are Harmony, Woo, Communication, Positivity, and Consistency.

Here is a link to view the descriptions of these Strength Themes:

Harmony will benefit me at the University YMCA because I can help resolve or avoid conflict with children. It will also help me be flexible with fellow volunteers and their time schedule. Woo means that I am really social so it will help me bulid a strong connection with the children at the YMCA. Communication allows me to easily put thoughts into words so it will help me understand how kids are feeling. My positive attitude will encourage children to stay positive during group actitives. Consistency will help me in situations at the YMCA because I will always treat people the same no matter what the circumstances are. It is important to be self aware of your themes because they will benefit you in different aspects of your life.

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