The JSP/ASP story is very much why Angular 1.X was a trainwreck. It works very similarly.
Francois Ward

Is there a transcript of the video somewhere? I read a lot faster than Pete Hunt (or anybody) can talk. (That’s why I’ve been reading books about React rather than watching videos — because teaching and lecture videos bore me. They take too long.) I will try to get through it, but I fully expect to give up before it’s done (unless there are car chases and explosions, in which case I’ll watch it multiple times).

As for the rationale, well, I understand the rationale. Please indulge me while I offer an exchange from “A Taste of Armageddon:”

SPOCK: There is a certain scientific logic about it. 
ANAN: I’m glad you approve. 
SPOCK: I do not approve. I understand.

And — in addition to not being able to sit through talking-head videos (as opposed to “Talking Heads” video — I think my own approach to these issues falls more in line with Polymer than React. (Well, this is about opinions, right?) Polymer just looks right (or Polymer looks just right). JSX and components with state look like a dog’s breakfast — to me, and I fully expect that everyone else’s mileage is varying, and I get that.

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