The pregnant woman with tattoo blacked out to provide anonymity but the print is available…
Cindy Penner

Cindy, as explained in the caption, the decision to black out the section of that particular photo was mine as editor in the context of the article; an article which wrestled with precisely the difficulty of the images and our consumption of them as audience. Jordan Baumgarten’s decisions on the distribution of his photographs is his own and not something over which I, or Vantage, has control.

My concern is real and I have tried to explain that as best to my ability. Sure, the existence of the raw, original online creates a tension and may even undermine my effort, but I can only control what’s seen on Vantage. As for Baumgarten’s guiding principles, we would need to consult him.

Here, mainly, I want to stress the different roles of the photographer and the publisher, the defined online spaces in which they each work and the independent decisions they make of one another.