Behind every profile pic is a story. Here’s mine. What’s yours?
Brendan Seibel

I’ve a few profile pics floating around. None of the stories are sexy. One pic is a Waking-Life-Richard-Linklater-esque cartoon of my face. It’s a cool look but unfortunately I had a hairdo like an Eighties Kurt Russell when I was frozen in aminated time. The other is a square of colour squares, which is actually a detail of containers on a ship as it passed under the Golden Gate Bridge. That photo was made 9 years ago and I used it in the very early days of my Internetting-social media precisely because it wasn’t my face. I am amazed that its still follows me around. God knows I’ve tried to change that avatar forever. Lastly, the most common one is the confusing pentagonish scrawl associated with this Medium account and most of my other account too. It is a “generative logo” by Didier Falzone as part of his To Bernd, Your Hilla project. I still don’t know what it is, but here’s more details.