Plant Care Tip #2 — The Spathiphyllum


Peace Lily or White Flag

EASE OF GROWING: Very easy to grow.

LIGHT: Low light location is ideal.

WATER: Moderately moist soil is preferred. Water thoroughly when just the soil surface is dry to the touch. Do not allow plants to stand in water.

TEMPERATURE: Warm — Prefers 70–75°F daytimes and 65–70°F nights.

KEY TIPS FOR SUCCESS: Spathiphyllum is generally not troubled by any major insects. Plants wilt quickly when underwatered, and leaf edges will turn brown. Excess salts (or fertilizer) will also cause brown leaf edges. Avoid combinations of high temperatures and dry soil at the same time, or cold temperatures and wet soil at the same time.

CULTIVAR INFORMATION: The broad, glossy green leaves exhibit an obvious bold texture with long petioles. Taller spathiphyllums make excellent floor plants.

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