Birthday Manifesto — A Life Transformed

Today the calendar turned once more for me. It’s crazy to think that I’ve existed as a human being for 33 years?!

I’ve learned a heck of a lot over that time. But merely gaining more knowledge is nothing to celebrate. It’s the acquisition of wisdom that I am the most pleased with.

I’ve spent the majority of my life adapting and conforming to what I “thought” people wanted. I went with the flow. Did what I thought was the acceptable thing to do. I desperately wanted to feel included…to be a part of something more…to be loved.

If only I was as beautiful as she was then maybe….if only I was talented like they were….if only I could communicate like them….if only I wasn’t physically “broken” then my life would be awesome. This was my story. The story I spoke to myself time and time again. And because of this story, I DESPISED the person I was!

I hid the deepest parts of who I was. The parts that weren’t like everyone else. I completely lost myself in this destructive pattern. What I failed to realize was that all of that sh*t was just causing me to fall further away from the real me.

Grant Cardone speaks on this idea of an organization being destroyed not because of external forces but because of the internal breakdown of the team inside of it. I liken this idea to my own life.

I was the only one to blame for the internal toxicity I lived in. For goodness sake, I was the one who created it!! Complete self-destruction was evident if things were to continue on the same trajectory. Thankfully they did not!

I wish I could tell you all that it was a magic concoction that changed everything for me or that years of praying for emotional healing were finally answered. Prayer definitely played a role but there was another component!

The BIGGEST most impactful thing I did (did you catch that, I DID) to completely alter the trajectory of my life and cultivate the healthy internal state I now own was to SHOW UP. To make a decision you’re going to do something is one thing, to actually do it is another. I became obsessed with the process. I sought out mentors, listened to audio, read, read some more, and really dove deep into the work it took to get me here.

There have been sooo many people, opportunities, and growing pains that have happened along the way. Many difficult and painful moments. Many euphoric and invigorating moments. But of them good or bad has been worth it.

I found myself. I love myself. And I’m stepping into my own uniqueness to serve humanity.

So who am I? I’m Brook, a proud introvert who loves to read. Primarily business or personal development related books. Journaling is where my happy place is found. Cerebral Palsy happened to me. It’s what creates my spunky bounce but it doesn’t define me. I get crazy passionate about people and things that others may not understand but it’s totally me. I ♥️ all things Twenty One Pilots and all the amazing words that Tyler Joseph writes. And most of all, I have the best “job” in the world — mama!! 😍

32 has been a great year but 33 is already on track to exceed that and it’s only just begun. 😁 🙌

I hope this journey inspires you to create the life you were designed to live. It takes a lot of work but I promise you that the rewards are worth every bit of the struggle. I’m living proof. And the next part of this transformation has officially begun…

Blessings to you. Happy Fathers Day!

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