Do Children Ever Say “I’m So Glad It’s All Over” At This Time of Year?

Sadly, we lose our sense of wonder

The holidays add another layer of stress to our lives such that many of us are glad when they are over. We return to our normal stress level at this time of year. The question is why are we so focused on the stress of it all?

We are very much not like children who can keep their focus on the warmth, treats, generosity, presents, vacation and more family time. They are not glad to have to wait another 12 months for all of it to roll around again.

More than a few friends and relatives have told me they are so glad the holidays are over. I understand they are just relieved to have a little less stress. Maybe we can remember why we had such good times over the past 2 weeks and be a bit less grumpy when it sneaks up on us again.

Thank you for reading :)