United Trade Club — A scam? Flash in the pan or the start of a revolution?

May 12, 2018 witnessed the launch of the automated trade platform United Trade Club for beta testing.

According to the press report submitted by the company, the president is quoted as saying “United Trade Club is the future of automated trades. What we are trying to build is a platform that could let novices and enthusiasts harness the power of the financial market. We are trying to eliminate the problem of ‘Trading Forex, Cryptocurrency or Binary options are complicated’ or the ‘I don’t understand how the market works excuse’ we are opening the doors of the financial market to everyone. Our platform is not just a launching pad for novices to carry out hands-free trades but also a place for the pro to utilize the profitability of our innovative and first of its kind AI powered ‘Trade-O-Bot’”

I am a skeptic and a critic. It is my job to dish out sound advice to my readers who rely on me.

Being a blockchain and Cryptocurrency affiliated products enthusiast, I was among the number who jumped at the opportunity for a beta test to see just how workable their idea is or if it’s just another scam. Honestly? The 2 months the beta test for the platform ran was amazing. Here was a platform that carried out trades automatedly for you on the three major markets — Binary Options, Forex and Cryptocurrency concurrently.

Like they promised, the purpose of letting its users harness the earnings of the three major financial market stands true.

With returns ranging from 5% daily to 50% monthly depending on the plan and units purchased.

Here’s my review: United Trade club is a bold new entrant into the scene with an easy to use and intuitive platform that allows the seamless funding, withdrawal and earnings from the financial market.

Most of the activities happen behind the scene. They boast of a 150 persons pro traders team who make inputs alongside the efficiency and innovativeness of the Trade-O-Bot.

It’s being a month since their official launch, with an A+ BBB ratings, certification from the Hong Kong Trade Bureau and the new Zealand investment Corp., good reviews from its user base etc yet it would be too early to determine if it’s here to stay, however with the strides they are making, you can’t help but admit that the future looks bright for United Trade Club.

With its HQ in Hong Kong and a customer base around the world — The president. Sir Chen Wang, describes it as a hedge-fund for crypto.

Sort of.

Whats your own experience with unitedtradeclub.com ?