Asian The Arowana Breeding Environment

◇ Size Asian Arowana Aquarium

Prior to nurturing Asian arowana, it is required special attention to first prepare and maintain the place for the arowana. In general, people use the aquarium as the primary medium for nurturing the arowana. At first, it may not be a problem so when used small aquarium. However, it is also noteworthy that the the arowana can grow up to 60 cm in length at maturity.

In general, as time goes on and the body size the arowana becoming increasingly larger, people will begin to expand the aquarium that they have to be able to adjust the the arowana body. Aquarium that is too small it can be excruciating the arowana. Arowana are creatures that need a lot of space for each day. When the need for space is not met, the arowana can become stressed and not able to develop his morphological traits. At least, we ought to prepare the place smallest is 2.5 times the length of the the arowana. When the the arowana has a length of 60 cm, then at least the aquarium should have a length of 150 cm with a width of 60 cm and the 60 cm. But it is possible to be given a much larger aquarium.

◇ Material for Asian Arowana Aquarium

There are two kinds of materials commonly used as a base material for the aquarium, the acrylic material and glass materials. Indeed, there are advantages and disadvantages of each of these materials. However, the merchants are not the arowana so concerned about the ingredients that should be used when creating aquarium for your the arowana. But it never hurts to find out which one is best also. Acrylic has the advantage of excellent elasticity and flexibility, these characteristics lead to the aquarium with acrylic material is not easily broken and durable. However, because it is soft, acrylic materials may leave scratches for long periods of time.

Glass material is not easy to be scratched, and the opposite of acrylic materials, course materials breakable glass. In addition the glass material, the use of silicone rubber can not be used too long to tens of years. Silicon must be continuously updated due to the nature of glass and silicon can not completely fused.