Hey, somebody else who speaks my language!
Amanda Roman

I wasn’t gonna be picky! (Just spent the last 9 months worrying about efficacy of my data - lots of spinning wheels here) I was interested to see an overall negative trend, which is what we expect from HRT and dysphoria.

I wonder how much our own internalized transphobia could be driving that apprehension. Especially given the “non-standard” path we have compared to other trans women. That said, it seems more common to hear of these experiences, suggesting that in fact they aren’t so uncommon. I’ve heard from our mutual friend, Allison, that it’s probably just as common as the more “traditional” (read, gatekept) dysphoria many trans people have experienced.

Sorry for the tangent… yes, so… why given less overall depression — or as I tend to experience, a strongly directed dislike of oneself — should one *still* feel like it may not be the right thing? Or not even that, rather a good thing that leads one to a better place — a better sense of self?