Could 3rd Party Voters Really Help Put Trump in Office? Yes they could.
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Overheard: MzSpentYouth 15 hours ago

I am here to tell ya folks, I live in Canada, land of the multi-party system.

We ended up with an ATROCIOUS Government in my Province because people who would have traditionally voted NDP (Left) voted their conscience… The green party. We ended up with another 4 years of a corrupt right wing regime with almost every member of parliament up on legal charges (yes that corrupt). They would have been kicked out of office, if the left vote had not been split between 2 parties. We had a similar issue the Federal election prior to Justin Trudeau being elected. The center/left split the votes and we ended up with Harper for 4 more years.

Its real people. A vote for an independent, or a green party candidate is guaranteeing a Donald Trump victory. (lets face it, most independents and the green party splits the center/left, not the center/right)

Just have a look at Britain. Its a fact, voting your conscience is the fastest way to ensure that things get worse for people less fortunate for you, rather than being realistic and choosing the lesser evil, and working to change things within the system.

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