Why choose BSC TOKEN to be INVESTING

BSC is a cryptographic token that exists on distributed computer networks. 
This means that anyone is free to exchange the value and information without the need for their parties, thus facilitating peer to peer exchange without the need for any central point of failure or control. Thus, when the physical currency of day to day disappears, BSC tokens will still be available.

Why choose BSC TOKEN to be INVESTING

  • We are the future
    The physical currency of day to day will disappear in a short time from our pockets.
  • Without intermediaries
    A third party is not necessary in an economic transaction between two.
  • Increase Efficiency
    Pay instantly without delays.
  • Improves the Economy
    We support the alternative economy that returns power to people.

The company BITCOIN STARTUP CAPITAL SA invests in projects related to the development of cryptocurrencies. That is why it intervenes in two main sectors:

  • INVESTMENT: If you have a token, we can study investing in it. The investment is made in BSC tokens.
  • LOANS: If you need a quick loan, we can loan you BSC with a monthly interest of 1%. The return will be in BSC tokens.

Investment TOKEN BSC Investment in technology startup that focuses on projects and developments related to bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.

  • 10.56% annual return (variable depending on results)
  • Last dividend payment: Apr. 18, 2018–0.00124% — € 3134.25
  • Contribution currency: euro, bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin, dash and waves
  • Payment dividends: it is essential to be registered on the web.
  • Option to reinvest the dividend automatically: new tokens.
  • Notary guarantee: each token is equivalent to a bearer share.
  • Investment without minimum or maximum.
  • Divestment: tokens can be negotiated in several exchange houses.

Get Discount if Buy BSC TOKEN

  • For each purchase or sale of bitcoins at the BTCfacil ATMs or at the franchise stores GroupBTC earns 1 BSC for every 300 euros of purchase or sale.
  • For the purchase of a human teller BTCfacil earns 100 BSC.
  • For the purchase of a physical teller BTCfacil earns 1000 BSC.
  • For the purchase of a GroupBTC franchise earns 3000 BSC.
  • Pay the maintenance fees to the company with BSC tokens and get a discount of 15% on your bill.

Smart Contract Address:https://etherscan.io/address/0xac1ec3143b89d5b263d9194db216ea068e0f3dc9

Market Exchange BSC TOKEN is :

ETHEN : https://ETHEN.market/ac1ec3143b89d5b263d9194db216ea068e0f3dc9

Tokenjar : https://tokenjar.io/BSC

BambooRelay : https://bamboorelay.com/trade/BSC-WETH

App.Ledgerdex : https://app.ledgerdex.com

BINANCE : www.binance.com (Open 30th august 2018)

Tradecryptocurrency : www.tradecryptocurrency.com

Website : www.investbtceur.com

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