Brickwood Coffee & Bread

A generously chocolate-dusted cappuccino? Game changer.

Brickwood Coffee & Bread, thank you for being a London gem.

My almond cappuccino was everything I’ve ever desired in a beautifully playful turquoise cup. These guys pull a perfect Caravan Coffee Roasters shot . Their Brickwood ‘Market Blend’? “Finca El Hato (Guatemala) & Sidama Aoressa (Ethiopia)-Complex chocolate body, rich praline sweetness, refreshing notes of blossom, honeysuckle, baking spice & an orange”. Yum. The frothed almond milk only contributed to the already excellent ‘spro. As a barista in a past life, I can appreciate how much care was given to this little guy. The texture of the milk was silky smooth and expressed equally with each excited sip. The streaks of dusted cocoa ran down the ceramic sides while the milk foam indent kept to the last sip.

This is how all cappuccinos should be. An absolute treat.

This Austrialian-inspired spot reminded me of retro vibes and had a welcoming, community culture. Feel good beats played loud enough to beg movement from my post work out body. Call it the caffeine that began to course through veins or the selected station, everything was dialed in for the vibrant, busy atmosphere.

After a page turning Root + Bone magazine read, I ordered one of the specials today. Stoked to have picked up this material to enjoy the best finds of London. Every article cleverly articulated and captured on each newspaper-like page. I’ll continuously be on the look out for this content.

When the Heritage Tomato Bruschetta came my eyes smiled as a cheeky grin emerged across my face. Trusting my choice from the special menu was met with an internal high five. What the…impressed doesn’t even begin to address my happiness. Such a score.

Perfectly dusted with coarse salt and pepper. Electrically red, delicately orange and yellow, and striped murky green tomatoes architecturally placed upon Bread Bread’s sourdough toast. Toasted to a crisp brown with slightly blackened edges, a dream slice. Young sprigs of Basil placed upon the curated hill of local goodies. Two cuddled up, poached Clarence Court eggs adorned themselves upon the eager tomato crowd as they beckoned me to reveal the centerfold #foodporn feature. I was shocked at the brilliant orange ooze that released upon my knife piercing their soft creamy white exterior. Perfection. My body pulsated with delight. I could taste the care. The love that went into this dish, each ingredient — energetically palpable. Sourdough soaked in ‘caution cone’ colored yolk. I had to be cautious enough not to overlook the captivating beauty while my mouth went off in fireworks of deliciousness. I took my time. Slowly, sweetly, letting each bite reveal something new. A hint of salt touching the juicy ripe tomatoes. Crunchy edges met with sweet bursts of each fruits excitement. Pleasure and indulgence in a plated color palate. Yes, more please.

The last bites of toast revealed the subtle swipe of butter that had married the components through it’s delicate behind-the-scenes magic. Each simple element shining in its role to make a dynamic dish complex and complete.

I’m left in awe. That was an experience I won’t soon forget. Seductive to the senses, each one attended to upon arrival until departure. Food is meant to be this enjoyable. Satiated, satisfied. I’ll patiently wait for another round in the near future. For now, I’m left with that cheeky smile, a happy belly, and deep appreciation for the magic of food.