Things to Consider Before Opting For Eyebrow Embroidery

For anybody who hates tweezing in their youth, or anyone who born with thin brows, there is a new exceptional treatment that assures fuller, bolder brows — Eyebrow Embroidery. This is also known as “semi-permanent makeup,” “pigment embroidery,” “cosmetic tattooing,” “3-D eyebrow embroidery,” or “microblading” whenever you search about it on the internet. The names, although are sort of misleading- but it is in reality, very different than what you would normally link with eyebrow makeup.

This is technically a type of tattooing nut the process includes implanting pigment under the surface of the skin with small disposable needles in a manner that makes it look like hair strokes. It is meant to provide barely-there-brows the form of natural thickness as well as volume.

But before going for this treatment you need to know something like how it impacts your brows or is it for everyone or not. Such as-

1. It Needs a Bit of Preparation

As this is a semi-permanent process, it’s vital to know the pros and cons of the treatment before you start. Do complete research and assure to select an artist who has good hands-on experience and who you are comfortable with. It is suggested to carry your photo or selfies of how you basically style your brows to assist with the designing process.

3. You’ll Need To Get Your Skin Ready

For best results, the artist will require to work with your skin in as natural state as possible. Ignore high sun exposure before your appointment as your artist will require to work with your skin in its extreme natural state. If you basically get your eyebrows threaded, tinted or waxed, please do so at least 3 days prior to your appointment. Come to your appointment with relaxed feeling and well-hydrated.

4. It Makes Use of Your Existing Eyebrows

Large numbers of people consider shaving or removing their brow hair before the treatment, but that’s not the case. You just have to remove any hairs that located outside of your final shape if require.

5. It Takes A Few Hours

The initial step of this process, which is quite imperative, is deciding the shape of the brow. As it is semi-permanent, it’s imperative to select something you’ll like and need to maintain for a long time. Once the shape is decided, the artist puts the numbing cream to the area around the eyebrows and the microblading starts. The complete appointment, involving all the prep work, basically 2–3 hours, but in reality the microblading process takes about 45 minutes to an hour, based on the job.

6. It Doesn’t Hurt

Prior to the microblading process starts, the artist will apply numbing cream around your brows to reduce the pain

7. It Lasts For a Long Time

Since this is the process done in the surface layers of your skin, it remains same up to 2 years.

8. There Are A Few Risks

Like any form of tattooing, there is some harm linked with microblading. To stay safe, you need to assure to follow pre and post care instructions as well as good hygiene while washing and touching your face. Additionally be sure to select a sterile salon where they utilize single use, disposable needles and supplies. Allergic reactions as well as irritations because of the treatment are exceptionally unique, yet they do happen in high conditions, so it is suggested to consult with doctor before going for the treatment.


This is the complete guide to make you aware about the eyebrow-embroidery process. Now you can conclude that whether this treatment is for you or not. No matter what, but it is imperative to go and meet any make-up experts and discuss about the treatment and its impact on you.