There’s a lot to hate in Trump’s cabinet.

Betsy, Kellyane, Sean, Reince, (sadly the list goes on) all give lying a bad name.

It’s hard to imagine any one person emerging from this pack of hyenas as the creme de la scum. And yet, here’s Stephen Miller, Trump’s propaganda minister.

The love child of Goebbels and Aileen Wournos is a new force in American politics.

He’s sleazier than neon and scarier than bird flu.

He seems to be speaking English but it sounds like caricature WW2 German.

His assertions that ‘the President is 100 correct and will not be questioned’ is the kind of rhetoric best suited to the Nuremberg Rally.

He’s as unstoppable as a Sherman tank and seemingly unshakable in his beliefs. Unlike Sean Spicer, who does seems to be screaming inside, this man is a true convert, a dyed-in-the wool fanatic.

I can see Miller and Trump, when the impeachment hearings are all but done, exchanging blood vows before swallowing cyanide.

Martyrs to the end at Mar-a-lago.