I was watching the Paralympics and couldn’t help but be amazed at their lack of disability.

People tend to call their efforts ‘courageous’, but to me this sounds condescending. They’re people who are simply doing the most with what they have.

The categories for the Paralympics are very complex, covering as many physical disadvantages as possible.

But what if you had something fairly trivial, or at least not physically intrusive?

What the least degree of disability that would still allow one to compete?

Let’s say you’re a superb athlete, just below Olympic class, but your have an awful stutter. Or you’re prone to panic attacks? Or have OCD? Can you still take part?

If you suffered from agoraphobia, the marathon would become infinitely harder? The high jump and pole vault would be truly challenging for those with vertigo.

Similarly insisting on very early start times would be a hardship for those with insomnia.

I don’t mean to be crass or belittling, but I simply pose this question.

Why shouldn’t the legions of neurotics amongst us not be allowed to scale the Olympic heights?

Think of Woody Allen doing the pole vault, or better still, the shot putt.

The comedy value alone would be gold.

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