The “Other Side” Is Not Dumb.
Sean Blanda

Nice article Sean Blanda. Open mindedness is something I think many of us wish to claim, yet employing it with consistency is often difficult. Reacting to controversial opinions or statements is simply that, a reaction, cognitive bias, a disharmonious chord [being struck]. Acknowledging the immediate reaction and allowing it to subside in order to investigate, consider, or contemplate the claims, opinions, or thoughts of others with a quality of uninhibited, unbiased curiosity leads to a wider, fuller, more complete understanding (perspective) of the true nature of reality. In our eternal search for truth, the process of intelligent distillation is an attempt to know [truth] intimately, and [improve our cognitive ability to] find, see, and identify truth.

[Your method of asking questions instead of arguing, or criticizing the unpopular opinion is one such method of intelligent distillation that attempts to preserve an open mind. I look forward to trying this!]

I’ve always appreciated the Jain Doctrine of Anekantavada as its application is the respect for multiple views.

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