The Lull Point

In loosing weight

Matt Rebelo and have been on this diet for a wail now. I have been seeing small changes, but now I have hit the lull in my weight I have not lost any weight. I keep going back and forth between 235–237. My goal right now is to loose the 30lbs and then go from there.

I know that going to the gym will help get me there I think... Matt and I just adopted a dog and I would like to be mote active with him before I start back at the gym.

Chart from Health Kit built in to iOS

Above is a chart of my weight over the last month. I was doing really well, but now I have slowed down. It is discouraging but I know that once I move my butt I will see more progression. I hate knowing the answer to my own problem.

Well I will keep you updated on my progress. Until next post! Follow me on Twitter and Instagram @devlynn_maire

Thank you!