What Is Student Life?

Mike Brown
4 min readApr 10, 2023

Every person experiences student life differently. Therefore, if you have little knowledge of how student life is, you can easily be misled. When I joined school in my younger years, I thought that I would have the same experience as my older siblings who seemed to have it all figured out.

Little did I know that everyone’s school life is different based on your dreams, goals, support, mindset, motive, and abilities. Student life entails joining the school, socializing, making friends, getting to learn your weaknesses & strengths in different subjects, finding your passion, discovering your talent, and growing up.

I know many people wouldn’t disapprove of the statement that “school shapes us into who we become in the future”. For example, if teachers believed you would make a great class representative, being a leader or manager in the latter years becomes easier. The soft skills & life skills you gain through practical experiences are essential.

What Is Your Goal In Life As A Student?

My goal in life as a student is to work smart, socialize, use my abilities, grow holistically, gain emotional intelligence to conquer the outside world, and get great grades. When I was younger, whenever someone asked me, “Mikey , what would you want to be when you grow up?” well, I would answer a “scientist who studies living organisms, diseases, does research on cures, and other phenomena.

My uncle was a scientist, and I was always amazed at his work whenever he narrated it to us. I knew I would have a bright future if I stuck to my dream. Luckily, school provides some great avenues to learn about different career opportunities that you can take advantage of. Therefore, you can take a major in Science and still some minor courses to increase your marketability.

As a student, I learned that you need to be open-minded in everything and not just have a closed mind on your capabilities or what you can do in the long run. As a student, I needed to take part in the Science congress, and join any science-related clubs that would help me meet my goal.

School assignments just give you the theory part, but practical engagements make the difference. Achieving your goal requires more than just doing an assignment, it requires taking an extra step. (Setting goals is important step too btw.)

What Is Your Dream In Life As A Student?

My dream in life as a student is to make the best of my time in school while gaining enough knowledge to take up the challenge of being a scientist in the future. Dreams can only be achieved when an extra effort is made. As much as at times I feel like giving up when school activities are too overwhelming, my end goal of a great life keeps pushing me ahead.

Someday, I would want to be like my uncle, Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton, Charles Darwin, Galileo Galilei, and other famous scientists who discovered some of the greatest inventions in the world. At times, I often feel like student life is limited. The years pass so fast, that you lose track of what’s going on.

I was lucky enough to get advice from my older siblings to not focus only on Academics, but also on extracurricular activities. They help to reduce the pressure that comes with the tough subjects or units, make friends, and even gain valuable life skills.

I was a fan of football since I was young, so qualifying for the team was easy, and I got a chance to socialize with like-minded individuals while still taking some music classes. Someday, I might just be like Yehudi Menuhin who was a great violinist in America.

Therefore, as much as my eyes are on achieving my dream, I still work towards getting other skills to make me a valuable person in society.

What Is Your Purpose In Life As A Student

My purpose in life as a student is to ensure I secure my future. I want to have a good life, make discoveries, and even be well-recognized in the world. As a student, I am gaining the right kind of stability, acquiring knowledge, learning to embrace equality, gaining self-discipline, working towards achieving my dream, building confidence, learning how to manage my finances, and also thinking out of the box economically. I can see how the economy is fairing and gaining financial stability is important for me.

In the past, if you asked me, “what is a life skills student” I wouldn’t know how to explain it. However, that’s a student who not only has the academic knowledge or skills got from school but also knows how to embrace the different perspectives of life. Many temptations come with student life like peer pressure and other things. However, the main objective is to ensure you have your goal vividly in mind.

What Do You Expect to Achieve?

My purpose in life as a student is not just to get the best grades, but also to be well rounded, make a difference, and ultimately achieve my goal in life. Regardless of where life takes me, I know I will achieve my dreams. One day I will make a huge discovery! I know I will make it. All our dreams are valid.