Scheduling Rest: How to Maximize A Long Weekend

Did you put rest on the to-do-list this weekend?

What do you have planned this weekend? Well, if you are hoping to get some rest, then you have to plan for it.

Oftentimes, the weekend can be just as busy as the work week. So, what can we do to make sure that we get the most out of a long weekend. Here are a few tips to help you begin to put yourself on the calendar. First, plan your rest. Second, reclaim your time by significantly reducing your social media/tv time. Third, leave room for play. Lastly, connect with your creative side.

1. Schedule Rest

Rest does not come naturally when you are out of practice. We are always “doing” something, but resting requires that we are still in our mind, body, and spirit. This can feel uncomfortable, at first, but rest is a necessity. We need time to recharge and reconnect. Therefore, start your weekend by scheduling time to rest. This will be a reminder and as well as help with anxiety because you wrote it down. This is literally on your “to-do-list” so now you have to check it off.

2. Try A Digital Detox

Step away from the computer and your phone. We give up numerous hours when we have undirected time on the computer or on social media. We have all done it. You click on a video of a cute dog or cat playing and two hours later, you have watched every cat video in the last 2 years. So, back away from Facebook, Marathon Show, etc. Reclaim your time and try a digital detox this weekend. This will help with being present and in the moment.

3. Now Get Rid Of the List & Have Fun

So now that you’ve written it all down and gotten rid of social media for the weekend; go and play. Have fun with your family. Go outside and walk in nature. It’s great to have a plan but sometimes you need to leave room for things that are unplanned. Go on a fun adventure this weekend and leave the list behind.

4. Create Something New

When is the last time you made something from your imagination? It is important to connect with the things that make you, you. Do you enjoy writing? Have you wanted to paint a picture? Do you want to try out sewing? Do you have a creative meal idea? Well, go for it. Connect with your interests and passions. This is when we truly come alive.

What do you have planned this weekend? Do you plan to add rest to your to-do-list?

This piece was originally published on LinkedIn.

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