There was no thought of “I am”, was there? There was just “this is”. Without “I am”, all thought of the self vanished. Now there was nothing left to call the self at all, no thinker left to think the thought. Just pure awareness.
The Mountain and the Valley
umair haque

I enjoy walking into your writing and almost experiencing your ideas verses reasoning through them.

In this case, when I walk into the idea, the “I” becomes more concrete. Seeing the beauty of the world “out there” affirms who I am here. The “self” is like the sofware of a computer. We probably don’t want to here from it too often, rather, we want it to work seamlessly with the world. When it fails to work seemlessly with reality it would be helpful to rewrite software and character habits of the “self.”

I think you offer a beautiful picture of the functioning “self” in harmony with the “other.”