The Remote

The remote. Also known as the “brain” of the tv. He nonchalantly flps throght the multitude of channels bringing about boredom as he is unable to find a satisfactory tv show or channel. He loses himself daily and can never understand why humans hit him whenever their “team” loses a game. The remote has seen your tv history, he knows you followed the New York Jets last year. Your proposed “team” is not the number one team in the NFL. The remote knows if you are one of those bandwagon fans. His best friend knows too. His best friend has been with him and witnessed all, well most, journeys with him. The only reason why I say most is well, the tv can’t get a dirrect view of underneath the sofa cushion. The remote is always uspset that his best friend is called fat. The remotes best friend is the tv, but he prefers to call him S-Dawg. It’s short for Samsung 65" class and dawg is added to the end of it because it sounded more gangster. Everyone knows the name is the game. If only the remote could talk to tell the amazing stories he has witnessed and the things it has been through, whether he is the where he was covered in dorito chip seasoning and almost suffocated or when he lost his insides (referring to batteries), he has expereice a wonderfull life fullof hollywood entertainment if it was’nt for his partner in crime, the tv.

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