Breakup Hurts, But It’s Ok!

According to an article on Science World Report, researchers at the Australian National University found that those who have had a breakup are more likely to experience suicidal thoughts within a year. While the occurrence of such thoughts is high among teens, the chances of falling victim to depression are far more common among adults. Not having someone, who was once such an important part of your life, around anymore becomes emotionally unfathomable. Regardless of the reasons, be it not working out, frequent fights, incompatibility or even cheating, the one who has been more emotionally involved tends to become dependent on the other partner for his/her own happiness. Once the other snatches it away without even hesitating once, it hurts, saddens and demoralizes you to the core. That is what happened to me when I broke up with my boyfriend of three years.

A breakup, when it happens, does not let you think beyond misery and self-pity, and I was no exception. Being weighed down by my own sadness soon started manifesting itself physically and mentally in me. I gained weight and started avoiding people. Instead of taking responsibility of my actions and condition, I chose to indulge in inactivity and overeating. Soon, I started taking sleeping pills as a means of escaping from sadness. This went on for weeks, while I continued to let my precious graduation days suffer with non-attendance and poor scores.

My Wake-up Call

I would have destroyed myself had it not been for my mother, who was admitted at this time to a trauma center after an almost fatal car crash. There was no one at home that day except me. The hospital tried reaching us on the phone. But I, despite being home, could not take that call because I had passed out under the influence of sleeping pills. Since the hospital authorities could not reach anyone, no one could go and be by her side when she needed us the most.

That was my wake-up call. I had to get up for myself and my family, who loved me beyond reason. I could not hurt, punish or blame myself just because some underserving person thought I wasn’t pretty enough for him!

So, the first thing I did was to make a promise to myself to get fit and in shape once again. I knew this time that my health and fitness were important solely for my well-being and not to impress anyone. I joined a nearby Health and Fitness club, the New York Health & Racquet Club (NYHRC), and got myself enrolled in a personal training program.

Be it taking care of my body or accepting and pampering it with new clothes, footwear and changed beauty and styling regimes, I proudly engage in everything that makes me feel good about myself today. And why just me? I think every girl out there will vouch for retail therapy. According to a survey conducted at the Penn State University on people aged between 18 and 22 years, out of the 83% of the people who had gone through a rough breakup, only 20% used a traditional form of therapy, the remaining 63% went shopping after their breakup! Over 50% believed shopping helped improve their moods and over 60% said shopping helped improve their self-image.

For me, it was the workouts and personal training sessions that made me feel good about myself once again. Each fitness goal I achieved, made me crave to do better. Today, I am happy and proud at how far I have come. And I would definitely recommend that anyone going through a difficult time should try to go and do something physical. It really does uplift the mood.