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Creating a groundbreaking TV show that uses the N word some odd 500 or so times is really that much different from using it once in a tweet? Simon had nothing but good intensions when working with the Wire and certainly has nothing but good intentions now. He’s simply bringing to light that Hannity is not relatiable to African Americans at all and raises a good point that an activist like Deray is a great person to sit down with for an African American town hall. I dont think one tweet that is seen as odd to some people should hurt the reputation of one of our time’s best media writers especially considering he already stated that he wouldn’t word it the same in the future and was simply using sarcasm to help express the need for the black community’s respect. Besides, with Terence Crutcher being another recent death in police hands I think their are ceretianlty bigger fish to fry. All in all great piece, I love the Atlanta analogy and see it as a good point but would also like to make the point that David Simon is simply trying to grab tweeters into the absurdity that is this “Town Hall”.

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