Authoritarianism: Jan 29–Feb 4 Changes

One thing I should note…I started quoting or copying images more frequently because I’m starting to think things I list here may be quietly disappeared later on. Ugh.

Corrected #78 below.

  1. Is it me or does DHS sound a mite testy here? At least they’re paying pro forma to the judicial threat of Federal Marshals.

2. Note this is Republican vs Republican:

3. Probable constitutional crisis developing. BUT… the DHS declaration above is at least pro forma. Could take a bit more to sort out CBP.

4. Ivanka Antoinette, excuse me, Trump even made an appearance during the Airport Protests.

5. What the hell is going on in Denver?

6. The hell.

7. Dated yesterday. So am not clear on rebellious status of CBP yet. Time to dismantle them if they are loyal to man and not country.

8. Boston is pissed.

7. Other “wars” of a sort. (Uber is being pummelled for scabbing the JFK taxi protest in support of the #nowallnoban protests at the airport.)

8. *Coughs*

9. I mean, I don’t know who else would be more qualified to make that assessment.

But there’s clearly an anti-Catholic element here.

Moments before Trump’s rally was set to begin, Francis told reporters, “A person who only thinks about building walls, wherever they may be, and not building bridges, is not Christian.”

Ah, last Thursday. I was wondering why he was focusing on that. Never mind, most likely long forgotten in his demented mind.

10. And don’t forget the mindset of the current AGUS nominee, Sessions. Who had better NOT be confirmed after all this bruhuaha

11. 16 states so far.

The attorneys general from 15 states and the District of Columbia said in a joint statement they would work together to fight to ensure the federal government respected the Constitution.
The officials that signed the statement represent California, New York, Pennsylvania, Washington, Massachusetts, Hawaii, Virginia, Vermont, Oregon, Connecticut, New Mexico, Iowa, Maine, Maryland, Illinois and the District of Columbia.

12. Let this one sink in a bit.

Head of Germany schooling head of U.S.

13. Chaos in the WH. Because this isn’t a “Muslim Ban,” oh no.

President Donald Trump on Sunday defended his executive order barring refugees and some legal immigrants from entering the United States, even as one of his top aides walked back part of the measure — signaling confusion and fissures within the 10-day-old administration.

14. The problem is, of course, you can subpoena Giuliani to demonstrate that it was, in fact, a “Muslim Ban.” Twat doesn’t know when to shut up, but his stupidity is useful for us. It made it to WaPo, tho of course clips were zipping around on Twitter last night.

15. ACLU membership soars.

16. Indeed.

17. And this sounds like either projection, or the sort of excuse every DV victim is familiar with while he’s beating her: “LOOK AT WHAT YOU MADE ME DO!”

I think he’ll also find that the Dem senators don’t cow so quickly like the Rep ones did on the (how quaint does this sound already?) initial effort to scrap ethics.

18. It’s the minimum they can do. Glad to see it though.

19. This was crystal clear while I was watching (babysitting duties at the time). It’s an important turning point.

The stay was an important glimmer of hope, but it did not even approach a total victory. Individuals could still be detained, and though the court ordered that the government provide a list of detained individuals (which advocates had been asking for, so they could provide legal assistance), it was clear that at least some airports were refusing to comply. Anecdotes about separated families, grandmothers held without medicine, and videos of crying youngsters continued to flood the Internet.
And so, the intransigence of Customs and Border Patrol was met with more protests on Sunday. Saturday’s events were not a fluke. There were at least 42 protests taking place around the nation on Sunday, many of which drew crowds numbering in the tens of thousands.

20. Burn.

21. Resist.

22. Kellyanne Conway:

Not one network person has been let go. Not one silly political analyst and pundit who talked smack all day long about Donald Trump has been let go. They are on panels every Sunday. They’re on cable news every day.

Yes, darlink. It’s called FIRST AMENDMENT. Look it up sometime!

I really like how Wallace just sits back and lets her hang herself. Just… amazing. Wow.

23. Sums it up.

24. Yes.

25. lolwhut?

I mean he did tweet out what looked like a password a couple days back.

26. Lawyers & food stash for those they are helping. Probably also a caffeine/sugar<->legalese pipeline.

27. Portland PD in full riot gear. Shame on them.

28. Dammit.

29. Shame on you, SeaTac Police

30. WOW! But very encouraging!

31. Sit-in at SFO till lawyers come.

32. Day one of this week and I’m up to 32… Issues are coming in so fast, one protester came up with a good solution:

33. Seattle’s pissed.

34. Batshit fucking neonazi lunatic running NatSec.

35. Including the U.S. one must now presume.

36. Ooh. Annotated list of what every MoC has said about #muslimban


37. Over and over and over again…*45 just tramples over everything like a bull in a china shop.

Fucking batshit. But see rule #34 above.

38. Pretty much, yeah.

And required reading for background. Also, what the hell happened to Flynn? I mean I presume he’s happily feeding NSA data to Russia.

39. Some serious shade from a New Zealand MP.

40. These accounts are everywhere. It’s impossible to tell how many are spoof and how many are real (and that’s sort of a point all by itself).

41. At least the press is starting to point out *45’s idiocy.

42. Well I think it was, but I’m not in the group that gets to decide :-P. Do take note, this article is by The Volokh Conspiracy, a group of conservative lawyer-bloggers. I believe at least one of them is from Russia, which explains the animosity.

But this is why I have my phone armies, that is how we weigh in!

And that’s your voice, too.

43. This is Kos, meaning this is pretty much the screaming far left rag, a collection of lefty bloggers, and should be taken in cautious doses. However, this is exactly what Susan Rice, Obama’s previous NatSec person, tweeted out. She knows this entire structure inside and out and how it works and so on.

44. I don’t even see how this is supposed to work. I wonder if any departments will find clever ways to comply with this that will enrage him…

45. And these are the kinds of headlines I see these days.

46. Now space camp nerds are a threat? *45 is a coward.

47. My fears as well.

In coming days, I’m told, the American Civil Liberties Union is likely to file a lawsuit that is designed to overturn the entire executive order. This lawsuit will be separate and distinct from the one that the ACLU filed over the weekend, which successfully blocked the deportation of people detained upon trying to enter the United States. The new lawsuit will try to get the entire executive order declared unconstitutional, on behalf of all of the people impacted by it.

48. I am speechless.

“Perhaps in no instance was that more apparent than the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, when State Department policy prevented consular officers from properly scrutinizing the visa applications of several of the 19 foreign nationals who went on to murder nearly 3,000 Americans. “

Whiney little bitch can’t even own his own damn mistakes.

49. :-/

Kevin Lewis, spokesman for Obama in his post-presidency, said that Obama — who has been threading the balance between the tradition of presidents deferring to their successors and coming out against President Donald Trump on specific issues he considered core values — “is heartened by the level of engagement taking place in communities around the country.”
It is Obama’s first statement since leaving the White House.
“Citizens exercising their Constitutional right to assemble, organize and have their voices heard by their elected officials is exactly what we expect to see when American values are at stake,” Lewis said.

50. Um.

51. Good.

52. o.O

53. o.O

54. Ppl mad about Pompeo vote. I have never seen so much blowback & protest on this scale.

55. The heartlessness of some people…

Also the contrast.

56. Fascinating to watch the WH potentially derail their own allies in Congress. I hope the Dems can exploit this.

57. Holy crap.

Customs agents at Dulles forced lawful permanent U.S. residents to give up their green cards this weekend, according to a complaint filed Monday in federal court in Alexandria. Tareq Aqel Mohammed Aziz and Ammar Aqel Mohammed Aziz were flying from Yemen to the United States. Both had been granted immigrant visas because their father, who lives in Flint, Mich., is a U.S. citizen.
When they arrived at Dulles Saturday morning, the Aziz brothers were handcuffed and their immigration paperwork was seized, according to the complaint.
They were given documents to sign and allegedly told that if they did not, they would be removed from the United States and barred from coming back for five years. They were not allowed to see attorneys.
Under pressure, their attorneys said, they signed documents they did not understand, giving up their American visas, and agents stamped “cancelled” on those visas. Attorneys are asking for their visas to be returned, the forms they signed to be invalidated and for them to be returned to the United States.
Attorneys said they believe it is possible that many of 50 to 60 other legal permanent residents at Dulles were likewise tricked into giving up their status there. The lawyers said they hope to learn the identities of those individuals through the discovery process.

58. Whoa. Great news, but whoa.

Acting Attorney General Sally Yates has told Justice Department lawyers not to make legal arguments defending President Donald Trump’s executive order on immigration and refugees, according to sources familiar with the order.
The move sets up a dramatic clash between the White House and Yates, who was appointed by President Barack Obama and is set to serve until Sen. Jeff Sessions, Trump’s nominee for attorney general, is confirmed.

Yate’s wiki page was quickly updated.


59. That didn’t last long.

All props to Sally Yates. And note well the name of the scab, Dana Boente, that the WH replaced her with. Read the announcement and tell me that the use of the word “betrayed” doesn’t send more chills down the ol’ spine.

The acting Attorney General, Sally Yates, has betrayed the Department of Justice by refusing to enforce a legal order designed to protect the citizens of the United States. This order was approved as to form and legality by the Department of Justice Office of Legal Counsel.


Holy crap.

51. And I’m sure *45 didn’t like this

The statement from Obama was carefully worded and stopped short of labeling Trump’s policy a “Muslim ban” — a move many other Democrats have made.
But Obama spokesman Kevin Lewis pushed back against Trump’s claim Obama enacted a similar policy against Iraqi refugees in 2011, saying the former president “fundamentally disagrees with the notion of discriminating against individuals because of their faith or religion.”
Lewis said Obama is “heartened” by the protests because he believes it’s important for people to speak out when “American values are at stake.”
Former presidents traditionally defer to their successors, and Obama long expressed a desire to stay out of the political limelight after leaving office.
At his final news conference as president, however, Obama made it clear he wouldn’t be afraid to jump back into the political debate on some issues “where I think our core values may be at stake,” including “systematic discrimination.”

52. And the gloves just came off:

“Tonight, the Acting Attorney General was fired for upholding the Constitution of the United States. What the Trump Administration calls betrayal is an American with the courage to say that the law and the Constitution come first.
“President Trump’s executive order violates the Constitution, dishonors our values, and weakens the security of the United States. National security experts are warning that the President’s ban will make it harder, not easier to defeat terror.
“Earlier tonight, House Republicans blocked Democrats’ emergency bill to rescind this dangerous and unconstitutional executive order. Now, President Trump has fired the Acting Attorney General to get the answer he wants. Republicans will have to decide whether they will be complicit in the President’s reckless, wrathful and unconstitutional agenda.”

Also Senator Warren (click thru for video)

53. John Dean. Yes, that John Dean.

54. Seems the Trumpettes are learning that *45 (or at least Bannon) is actually an autocrat. Lay down with dogs, get up with fleas.

At least three top national security officials — Defense Secretary Jim Mattis, Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly and Rex Tillerson, who is awaiting confirmation to lead the State Department — have told associates they were not aware of details of the directive until around the time Trump signed it. Leading intelligence officials were also left largely in the dark, according to U.S. officials.
Tennessee Sen. Bob Corker, the top Republican on the Senate Foreign Relations committee, said that despite White House assurances that congressional leaders were consulted, he learned about the order in the media.

55. Possible power struggles in WH, or *45 is playing people off each other. If Pence pissed *45 off, I could see this as the result. Makes no difference to #resist

The Obama order banned companies that do federal work from discriminating against gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender employees. It was the first time the government explicitly protected federal workers from discrimination based on gender identity.
Leaving those protections, of course, does not preclude another executive order that would roll back gay rights in other areas. Mr. Trump could, for example, still enshrine a religious freedom provision in federal policy.
Gay rights advocates seemed unimpressed. Chad Griffin, president of the Human Rights Campaign, said Mr. Trump was setting a low bar by claiming credit for not overturning the actions of his predecessor.
“L.G.B.T.Q. refugees, immigrants, Muslims and women are scared today, and with good reason,” Mr. Griffin said. “Donald Trump has done nothing but undermine equality since he set foot in the White House.”

56. OK, now to see how this plays out. Ball’s in judiciary/senate court to bring this up and wrap it around the motherfucking WH’s neck.

The law in question

(a)Establishment; presiding officer; functions; composition There is established a council to be known as the National Security Council (hereinafter in this section referred to as the “Council”).The President of the United States shall preside over meetings of the Council: Provided, That in his absence he may designate a member of the Council to preside in his place.The function of the Council shall be to advise the President with respect to the integration of domestic, foreign, and military policies relating to the national security so as to enable the military services and the other departments and agencies of the Government to cooperate more effectively in matters involving the national security.The Council shall be composed of
(1) the President;
(2) the Vice President;
(3) the Secretary of State;
(4) the Secretary of Defense;
(5) the Secretary of Energy; and
(6) the Secretaries and Under Secretaries of other executive departments and of the military departments, when appointed by the President by and with the advice and consent of the Senate, to serve at his pleasure.

Update. According to Lawrence Tribe, nope. Oh well. Things to clean up if we survive *45.

57. Yes well. Yes. MERRICK FUCKING GARLAND. Thank you, motherfuckers.

58. Big questions is who does DHS and CBP obey, Prez-man or the judiciary?

59. Srsly.

Legal U.S. residents are being prevented from entering the country and people who put their lives on the line for the United States are being detained at the airport. But what is the commander in chief worried about Saturday morning? The news media, or as he called them in an interview on Friday, “the opposition party.”
Trump seems to have woken up with a fresh desire to criticize two media outlets in particular, once again saying that the Times is “FAKE NEWS!” He seems to be so upset about the media that he sent the tweets out without even spell checking first.

60. Opinion section in NYT, but still.

But a new executive order, politicizing the process for national security decisions, suggests Mr. Bannon is positioning himself not merely as a Svengali but as the de facto president.
In that new order, issued on Saturday, Mr. Trump took the unprecedented step of naming Mr. Bannon to the National Security Council, along with the secretaries of state and defense and certain other top officials. President George W. Bush’s last chief of staff, Joshua Bolten, was so concerned about separating politics from national security that he barred Mr. Rove, Mr. Bush’s political adviser, from N.S.C. meetings. To the annoyance of experienced foreign policy aides, David Axelrod, President Barack Obama’s political adviser, sat in on some N.S.C. meetings, but he was not a permanent member of the council.
More telling still, Mr. Trump appointed Mr. Bannon to the N.S.C. “principals’ committee,” which includes most of those same top officials and meets far more frequently.

61. Mitch McConnell is a class A idiot. I mean, I knew this but take a look at this:

2016: “The question is, will [Supreme Court nominee Merrick Garland] have a hearing, and will it be taken up by the Judiciary Committee. He will not be. […] This nominee is not going to be considered. […] The president initiates the appointment, the Senate decides whether or not to consider it at all.”
2017: “Apparently there’s yet a new standard now, which is to not confirm a Supreme Court nominee at all. […] I think this is something the American people simply will not tolerate […] Our hope would be that our Democratic friends would treat President Trump’s nominees in the same way we treated Clinton and Obama.”

Sure Mitch. We’ll be HAPPY to treat Gorsuch like you did Garland!

See also:

Kirsten Gillibrand (via facebook)

2 hrs ·
All branches of the federal government should stand on the side of the citizens they were created to serve. The Supreme Court is supposed to be the ultimate arbiter of justice for our citizens.
Time and again, Neil Gorsuch has put the rights of corporations over individual rights. It’s clear that his judicial philosophy is outside of the mainstream.
He has ruled that a boss should be able to make family planning decisions for an employee and that corporations are people. I disagree.
I plan to stand up for individuals over corporations. I’ll oppose Gorsuch’s nomination and insist that it meet a traditional 60 vote threshold.


62. Yates nominated for JFK Profile In Courage Award.

63. Wow.

“The first 12 days of the Trump presidency (yes, that’s all it’s been!) have been memorable for all — and especially challenging for us in the news business. It’s not every day that a U.S. president calls journalists ‘among the most dishonest human beings on earth’ or that his chief strategist dubs the media ‘the opposition party.’ It’s hardly surprising that the air is thick with questions and theories about how to cover the new administration,” Adler wrote.
The letter goes on to pose several possible methods Reuters might take for future Trump news coverage, ultimately concluding that “[w]e already know what to do because we do it every day, and we do it all over the world.”
“To state the obvious, Reuters is a global news organization that reports independently and fairly in more than 100 countries, including many in which the media is unwelcome and frequently under attack,” Adler continued. “I am perpetually proud of our work in places such as Turkey, the Philippines, Egypt, Iraq, Yemen, Thailand, China, Zimbabwe, and Russia, nations in which we sometimes encounter some combination of censorship, legal prosecution, visa denials, and even physical threats to our journalists.”

64. Really trying to stay mindful of stuff like this.

65. Jesus fuck. Does this man have any kind of filter at all?

It should have been one of the most congenial calls for the new commander in chief — a conversation with the leader of Australia, one of America’s staunchest allies, at the end of a triumphant week.
Instead, President Trump blasted Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull over a refu­gee agreement and boasted about the magnitude of his electoral college win, according to senior U.S. officials briefed on the Saturday exchange. Then, 25 minutes into what was expected to be an hour-long call, Trump abruptly ended it.

66. And no way to know how much here is true or not.

67. :-/

68. Countries 45 has pissed off in first two weeks.

(US not included)

69. Wow.

Less than two weeks into Trump’s administration, federal workers are in regular consultation with recently departed Obama-era political appointees about what they can do to push back against the new president’s initiatives. Some federal employees have set up social media accounts to anonymously leak word of changes that Trump appointees are trying to make.
And a few government workers are pushing back more openly, incurring the wrath of a White House that, as press secretary Sean Spicer said this week about dissenters at the State Department, sends a clear message that they “should either get with the program, or they can go.”
[From order to disorder: How Trump’s immigration directive exposed GOP rifts]
At a church in Columbia Heights last weekend, dozens of federal workers attended a support group for civil servants seeking a forum to discuss their opposition to the Trump administration. And 180 federal employees have signed up for a workshop next weekend, where experts will offer advice on workers’ rights and how they can express civil disobedience.
The resistance is so early, so widespread and so deeply felt that it has officials worrying about paralysis and overt refusals by workers to do their jobs.

70. Jesus.


72. Pretty much, yeah.

The U.S. is losing not only its global influence edge but the whole table. The emulative qualities of innovation, entrepreneurship, risk-taking and freedom are under the shadow of an executive management style directed at the “other,” whether by politics, religion, gender, national origin or institution. The persuasive abilities of the U.S. in global public opinion is at its lowest, exceeding even the civil liberty restrictions of the global war on terror.

73. Feb 1st…when you realize “regime” makes much more sense than “administration.”

74. Because of course.

75. In the “satire hurts” department:

76. Truly scary. I mean, the usual refrain in this country is that the military swears an oath TO THE CONSTITUTION and is one of the biggest cornerstones of U.S. government because of that impartiality. This is so far out of normal.

77. We’ll have to see where this one goes.

78. They are crawling out of the woodwork to the extent even the most blind white person has to realize racism and facism was deeply rooted everywhere.

Correction: the Facism Forever bit was apparently a year-book joke. No record of such a club existing at that time has been found <>


79. 45 is Putin’s bitch, in case you still had any doubts.

80. The violence at Berkeley was wrong and unhelpful (and I would not be surprised if agents provacateur involved). Nevertheless I can’t help but sympathize with the rage. Yiannopoulos is truly a POS scum, and you KNOW he was invited there precisely to provoke reaction.

My thought. At his next speech, utterly boycott. Nothing, no one, zip. Only his hateful minions show up, with one or two ppl secretly recording all of it, and then later showing WHO are facists and racists and like Y’s shit. Publish that after.

81. Whut?

82. McCain for Prez!

83. >.<

84. Just spotted this.

Statue of Eleanor Roosevelt with Pussy Hat in Riverside Park, NYC Jan 22.

85. On the warpath.

86. Openly stated.

87. First amendment.

88. Speedy.

89. Lyin’

90. Traitor Trump.

Following the call with Putin on Saturday, the Kremlin published a readout of the hour-long conversation that suggested the Russian president was pleased with Trump’s tone.
“During the conversation, both sides expressed their readiness to make active joint efforts to stabilise and develop Russia-US cooperation on a constructive, equitable and mutually beneficial basis,” the Kremlin statement said.
But while the Kremlin produced a detailed 10-paragraph readout of the call, the White House released only a vague one-paragraph statement saying that Trump received a “congratulatory call from Russian President Vladimir Putin.”
During a Wednesday forum on Russian-Turkish relations at the Bipartisan Policy Center, Berman suggested that the White House could not provide additional details about the call because staff had disabled recording equipment, according to Turkish journalist Ilhan Tanir.

91. Wow. Virginia demands to know why WH regime did not comply with Temporary Restraining order regarding portions of the so-called “muslim ban.”

Lots of back and forth, read the thread. And this

Aha, here it comes:

92. A spot of good news

93. States ain’t happy.

Minnesota attorney general Lori Swanson announced Wednesday that the state was signing on to Washington State’s lawsuit against Donald Trump’s Muslim ban. TheMinneapolis Star Tribune writes:
“The executive order that imposes blanket entry restrictions to the United States for people from certain countries is unconstitutional,” Swanson said in a statement.
“It does not pass constitutional muster, is inconsistent with our history as a nation, and undermines our national security,” Swanson wrote. “America can keep its people safe without sacrificing bedrock constitutional principles.”
The suit, with Minnesota and Washington as plaintiffs, names as defendants President Donald Trump, Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly, Acting Secretary of State Tom Shannon and the federal government.
The move adds Minnesota to the list of states challenging Trump’s ban, including Washington, New York, Virginia and Massachusetts.

94. I called it. What are good ways to avoid the sabotage these assholes do? Pre-contact/negotiation with police?

95. :-/

96. :-/

In the House, 185 of the 196 Democrats in the chamber have signed onto legislation offered by Zoe Lofgren (D-CA) and John Conyers, Jr. (D-MI), the Statue of Liberty Values Act (SOLVE/H.R.724). The bill would rescind Trump’s executive order and prohibit any funding to enforce it. House Democrats held a series of speeches yesterday on the floor in support of repealing the ban and asked for unanimous consent to vote on the bill, which was blocked.
Senate Judiciary Ranking Member Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) introduced S. 240, which would rescind the Executive Order and ensure that it has no legal effect. The bill is cosponsored by 38 of the chamber’s 48 Democrats. Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer sought an immediate vote on the bill Monday night, but Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AK)– the author of the letter to Iran’s leaders warning them not to agree to the Iran nuclear deal — blocked a vote on the measure.
Sen. Chris Murphy (D-CT) also introduced legislation (S. 248) to withhold funding for the Executive Order and declare it illegal based on the 1965 Immigration and Nationality Act. His bill is cosponsored by seven other Senators.
While no Republican in the House or the Senate has signed onto the legislation, a number of them have expressed opposition or concern with Trump’s order. It is unclear if Republicans lawmakers will offer any alternative measure to address the concerns they have raised with the ban.

97. I find this difficult to believe. But it’s dated 2/1/2017

and searching around I find this (7/18/2016).

But I’ll believe it when I see it.

98. Wow… suppose all the sanctuary cities did this?

99. Plus, appears to be having an effect. YES.

Not only that, but

Nordstrom wouldn’t be the first company to stop selling Ivanka Trump products.
Shoe retailer dropped the brand in November.
Coulter also noted that the Macy’s website had 90 Ivanka Trump items listed, all heavily discounted.
The Macy’s website now lists 52 Ivanka Trump items in stock.

Good. I hope all her shit fucking craters.

Awesome, another one:

100. Damn straight it did. Glad to see him stepping down.

“Joining the group was not meant to be an endorsement of the President or his agenda but unfortunately it has been misinterpreted to be exactly that,” wrote Kalanick in the memo.

101. A depressingly LONG list. But a very good resource.

102. lolwhut? No.

103. Goddamn, that’s *cratered*

(“Who Germans consider trustworthy.”)

104. I can’t remember if I shared this earlier:

But the Swiss have answered!

Oh my, they’re being collected here:

105. Good.

There’s all kinds of compelling evidence that progressive activism, spurred by Donald Trump’s election, is stiffening Democratic spines on Capitol Hill. At the same time, it’s starting to have the opposite effect on their Republican colleagues.

106. /headdesk

107. I need to invest in protective headgear.


108. Very chilling. He has a personal security detail but it should a) be ONLY Secret Service right now and b) does this mean he’s trying to OUST SS?

(deets on personal security from Dec)

109. Or not. Gosh this is such fun!1!

110. Slapdash & sloppy. I’m also finding it interesting the MILITARY is saying “insufficient intelligence.” With any luck they’ll be hatin’ on him soon enough.

Already, military sources have been saying that the raid was the product of insufficient intelligence, and one Democrat has already called for a briefing on the raid. The raid was planned under the Obama administration, but approved by Trump during a dinner meeting during the first week of his presidency.

And to clarify the raid WASN’T planned under Obama…

111. And this is the utter bullshit 45 engages in while destroying the country.

112. This is dailykos so again extreme leftist rag, etc. etc. But this is sourced throughout and shows how the R’s are split right now. How is that threat any kind of a reasonable opposition? (She is a moderate R!). Note two R’s, one D on the bill (bolds mine, source

Overland Park Republican Rep. Stephanie Clayton, Wichita Democratic Sen. Oletha Faust-Goudeau and Mission Hills Republican Sen. Barbara Bollier are hoping their proposal to allow campuses to continue to ban concealed weapon will pass now that the Legislature is more moderate. Republican Gov. Sam Brownback signed the original measure.

Fortunately the officer in question did resign. But his attitude is hardly unique.

113. I REALLY do not like her at all. She strikes me as a snake in the grass. Pushing for women’s rights, my fucking ass.

and if you’re willing to examine the spaghetti that is Khan’s tweeting (sorry dude, love ya to pieces, but I can’t follow your tweet timeline for shit) Ivanka is just one rip off after another.

114. Now, all the climate change data got offloaded into protected archives, mostly out of the country and so on. And if you thought that was an overreaction, well here comes the hammer:

115. This is such a fuckup of monumental proportions…

116. Another hero. Mixed emotions…the only ones staying are the ones that will rip everything up. But props to him.

117. More facepalming. Jesus, what a woman-hating asshat he is.

In a similar vein, he managed to prompt this response from Sweden:

Maybe I should put Sweden on the short list besides Mexico and Canada to escape to if he really fucks up…

118. o.O

Some of the more clever responses…


119. Hard to tell which is exactly true or not. This appears to be part of the earlier, erroneous report about Secret Service.

(The theft article raised in that thread is part of a year long investigation, so not germane.)

See also

120. Kleptocracy. Why the fuck a business trip gets fed $$?

121. Damn straight.

and ditto his fucking sons doing business on taxpayer dime.

122. It’s friday, right? I can push this out tomorrow? I’m up to 122 frickin’ items??

123. Just these headlines.

124. Press is SUPPOSED to ask questions!

125. A billionaire exits. An HONEST one. At least in the divestment aspect. Wow!

Vincent Viola, President Trump’s choice to be Secretary of the Army, is withdrawing himself from consideration for the post, according to multiple reports.
Viola, who is reportedly worth $1.8 billion, is the founder of electronic trading firm Virtu Financial and was previously the chairman of the New York Mercantile Exchange from 2001 to 2004. He also owns the NHL’s Florida Panthers.
Viola told Trump on Friday that he would be unable to accept the nomination because separating himself from his businesses has proven insurmountable, Bloomberg News reported.

126. No surprise here. Kleptocrat. Unconstitutional. Impeachable.

127. From the usually overwrought politicususa, but it’s worth sifting through the sourced nuggets:

There were four separate courts from Virginia to Washington state that ruled against Trump’s religious ban, but as of now only Virginia is “looking for the court to hold President Trump in contempt of court.” Virginia had issued a temporary restraining order (TRO) that required officials to let attorneys speak with legal residents who were being detained on religious grounds; part of their Constitutional due process rights guaranteed in the 5th and 14th Amendments. Based on the evidence that, under the Trump executive orders, officials still refused to allow detained travelers at Virginia’s Dulles International Airport see their lawyers, the state demands that the court hold Trump in contempt of court, and one adds throw his bloated sense of himself in jail. There is a very recent precedent to imprison an elected official until they obey the court, the law and the Constitution they swore to support.

128. For now, the federal court in Washington has upheld it, which probably means 9th circuit will fast track it etc. Dunno what SCOTUS will do, tho. They have been silent so far as I know, since Nov 8.

In an interview with CNN Friday evening, Ferguson said he “expected win, lose or draw” that the case would move “fairly quickly through, up to the Ninth Circuit” Court of Appeals — “just because of the magnitude of the executive order.”
“I’m prepared for this case to go all the way to the Supreme Court whichever way the Ninth Circuit Court of appeals goes,” he said, anticipating a challenge to Robart’s ruling. “It’s a case of that magnitude, it’s a case that frankly I think will ultimately end up before the U.S. Supreme Court, so that would not surprise me one way or the other.”
Lawyers for the government had argued the states lacked standing to sue, according to the Seattle Times, and that the order was within Trump’s executive powers.
But the judge rejected that argument, saying the states had already suffered harm from the travel ban. He also said the lawsuit challenging the legality of the order has a good chance of succeeding.

129. Well lookie. Another (entity) recording the weekly set of lies & wtf…

130. Oh for fucks sake. The WH regime is completely incompetent. (Which is probably by and large a good thing but this is just stupid.)

When President Donald Trump issued his executive order on immigration last week, it was the travel ban on seven Muslim-majority countries that dominated headlines — leaving hundreds of people in limbo, provoking airport protests, and raising questions about whether the U.S. was targeting religion in the guise of a new security rule.
But immigration lawyers who have read the order carefully are now increasingly concerned that one of its provisions could have much wider repercussions, affecting literally every foreign visitor to America, from tourists to diplomats.
The little-noticed section, appearing immediately after the travel ban, calls for the government to develop a “uniform screening standard and procedure” for all individuals seeking to enter the United States. As written, it appears to require all visitors to go through the same vetting measures, regardless of where they come from or how long they intend to stay.
If interpreted as broadly as it’s written, “It would basically shut down tourism,” said Stephen Legomsky, the former chief counsel for U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services during the Obama administration.

131. What a petulant child.

The election result, in Conway’s view, settled all political questions, and any protest against Trump’s policies is therefore undemocratic.
Trump likewise believes that he is entitled to a greater level of deference and respect because he controls the presidency. Conway (whose influence with Trump lies in her ability and willingness to articulate his beliefs in the media) made this complaint a few weeks ago: “We got no forbearance, we got nothing, we got no respect. We … this man is president of the United States.”


132. What the hell?

I always give the stink eye to anyone who hates animals. Now this issue is not a left/right one…

133. <sigh>

134. I’m telling you. Bitch is a snake in the grass.

135. This doesn’t surprise me. But I wonder if these CEO’s understand they’re being gaslighted? Just read that article…

136. 45 went absolutely apeshit over the federal judge that made the stay national.

Back in Washington, Trump’s press secretary, Sean Spicer, issued a statement around 10 p.m. ET Friday night announcing the Justice Department intended to “file an emergency stay of this outrageous order and defend the executive order of the President.” He updated his language moments later to remove the word “outrageous.”
Homeland Security suspends travel ban
But if the White House was hoping to temper its language around the legal challenge, the President himself dashed any hope of decorum when he woke up at his oceanfront retreat on Saturday.
“The opinion of this so-called judge, which essentially takes law-enforcement away from our country, is ridiculous and will be overturned!” Trump wrote on Twitter.

We really need to tie him down & play School House Rock nonstop.

137. Whoa & wow… we now have a sanctuary state, Oregon.

This is interesting because Oregon is an old whites-only state (check the history of its constitution sometime). I’m a little surprised to see this playing out here, but of course Oregon has an urban/rural divide like many blue states.

Though Oregon law already forbids state and local law enforcement agencies from using public resources to find or arrest those whose only crime is being in the country without proper documentation, Brown’s order goes a step further in solidifying the state’s sanctuary status by expanding the law to all agencies.
The governor’s order also makes it illegal for state agencies to discriminate based on immigration status, and forbids state agencies from using public resources to help create a religious registry.
“We have heard threats of a Muslim registry at the federal level,” Brown said. “I don’t know how sincere these threats are, but I want to be absolutely clear: We will not participate.”

138. This will be a long lasting shame & stain on U.S. history

139. You’d think this would enrage anyone, left OR right, liberal OR conservative…

140. Bill to terminate the E.P.A.

141. Because of course.