Authoritarianism: March 5— March 11

  1. That’s… some grade A napalm there.

2. Comey? FBI Director “But her Emails” Comey? Fuck him.

Although there’s moderate entertainment to be had here because either 45 is lying (which is what the head of the FBI is basically saying) or the FBI broke the law (which is what 45 is claiming). And given that Comey was one of the ones who gave 45 the election, this ought to be interesting. Seems like one or the other will get fucked over here, and for me that will be win-win :-P

3. Um.

Moron in Chief. You know, I really did want to take the high road after 11/9. I figured I’d just use his last name and not any mean nicknames or whatever. But at this point I use 45 as my most polite reference. I never imagined he & the GOP would be this awful, petty, vindicative and so bent on destroying human life & this country… We are going to spend a long time recovering and restoring things after this fly-haired bastard is gone.

4. Trumpcare, Ryancare, Tryancare…No part of this isn’t awful. Keep in mind this particular article, written by someone who clearly wants to get rid of ACA, still can’t find it a good revision:

Don’t choke while you read it

5. Pointed. (Activist/artwork, not real, but the point remains.)

6. And here we go. The sticking point looks like Medicaid. Republican governors who have used this do not want to get rid of it.

A good deal of this is really “No Health Care For Women.” It would also consider pregnancy etc as preexisting conditions. Do the math.

Doesn’t even have any thin veneer of budgetary sensibility

Robert Reich weighs in. (FB links come out weird: )

You get the idea. Also

See here


Downright entertaining

Seems Boehner was right. Most likely this is a fig leaf that they can point to and said BUT WE TRIED.

But the biggest pressure has been on Speaker Paul Ryan, the rest of the House Republican leadership, and the relevant committee chairs. Failing to produce any bill at all would have threatened their positions. After all, Ryan hasn’t solved the problems that faced John Boehner when he resigned: Despite a comfortable Republican majority in the House, the ability of Republicans to function as a working majority is constantly threatened by a group of radicals who are willing to (or at least threaten to) work against the rest of their party.
If Ryan hadn’t come up with any bill at all, he (and the rest of the leadership, and the committee chairs) would have been the obvious target for conservative media to attack for breaking the party’s pledge on health care. Producing a bill — almost any bill — helps him avoid that.
He’ll be in even better shape if he convinces his conference to pass something, no matter how many doubts they have. If he manages that, then he’ll be well on his way to placing all the blame for the bill’s demise on the Senate. But even if it fails to pass the House, he’s no worse off than he was without a bill.

Another interesting perspective on this. And it’s another conservative one:

Another prime example of rent-seeking is that the Medicaid is funding opioid prescriptions for low-income workers, Deaton said. The results are workers who are becoming addicted and overdosing while profits are going to the Sacker family which owns Purdue Pharma that makes OxyContin.
Deaton said he favors a single-payer health system only because our current part-private and part-public system is exquisitely designed to give opportunities for rent-seeking.
“So I, who do not believe in socialized health-care, would advocate a single-payment system…because it will get this monster that we’ve created out of the economy and allow the rest of capitalism to flourish without the awful things that healthcare is doing to us,” he said.
Raising taxes on the wealthy is not a good way to combat rent-seeking because it taxes the legitimate profits of entrepreneurs along with rent-seekers.
“The key is to somehow find a way of tackling rent-seeking, crony capitalism, and corruption legal and illegal and build fairer, more equal society without compromising innovation or entrepreneurship,” he said.

Sounds like…thoughtful regulation. *ahem* Note that I find these useful because I can lob them at conservative folks. The ones who still have their brains, that is. I can’t do much about rabid pro-45 wankers.

8. Fucks sake.

9. 45 Lies.

(Well yeah, he’s still breathing innit? Lying.)

10. This is completely unreal.

11. Right before A Day Without A Woman strike, too.

12. AhahahahAHAHAHAHAHAhahahahaha…

13. “Escort Services.” 45 runs fucking escort services under his fucking trademarks.

The trademarks are for businesses including branded spas, massage parlors, golf clubs, hotels, insurance, finance and real-estate companies, retail shops, restaurants, bars, and private bodyguard and escort services.

What a fucking embarrassment. Oh, and it also violates the emoluments clause, as just about everything the ratfaced bastard does.

14. There’s no end to the Russia links

I mean, I actually would have thought Russia would try to cover its tracks a bit more.

15. You have got to be kidding me. That’s the actual name of the replacement ACA?

I just can’t even.

16. Ouch.

17. It is difficult to top the opening paragraph on this article.

It’s hard to find work right out of prison. But Avram Lebor and Richard Goettlich walked from their Alabama penitentiary into top jobs at the real estate company then run by Jared Kushner, now President Donald Trump’s son-in-law and senior adviser. The two men, convicted in separate sprawling fraud schemes, were hired several years ago by his father, Charles Kushner, who had been locked up in the same federal prison with them.

18. Um.

19. This list is horrifying.

A Trump campaign aide who argues that Democrats committed “ethnic cleansing” in a plot to “liquidate” the white working class. A former reality show contestant whose study of societal collapse inspired him to invent a bow-and-arrow-cum-survivalist multi-tool. A pair of healthcare industry lobbyists. A lobbyist for defense contractors. An “evangelist” and lobbyist for Palantir, the Silicon Valley company with close ties to intelligence agencies. And a New Hampshire Trump supporter who has only recently graduated from high school.

The list we obtained includes obscure campaign staffers, contributors to Breitbart and others who have embraced conspiracy theories, as well as dozens of Washington insiders who could be reasonably characterized as part of the “swamp” Trump pledged to drain.
The list is striking for how many former lobbyists it contains: We found at least 36, spanning industries from health insurance and pharmaceuticals to construction, energy and finance. Many of them lobbied in the same areas that are regulated by the agencies they have now joined.

20. Whut?

Chaffetz, who chairs the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, proposed a resolution Wednesday that says the House thinks it is unnecessary for federal agencies to be located in the District.
The committee held a hearing Wednesday and planned to vote Friday.
The nonbinding resolution raised the ire of local Democratic lawmakers already fighting efforts by the Republican majority to intervene in the District’s local laws and policies pertaining to gun control, assisted suicide, subsidized abortion and legalized marijuana.

21. The recusals come in left and right. Vetted for conflicts of interest MY ASS.

22. This…doesn’t pull any punches.

The anti-American group has become the preferred intelligence service for a conspiracy-addled White House.

Also notes

Is it just a coincidence that WikiLeaks dumped a massive database pertaining to CIA hacking and wiretapping just three days after Trump made wiretapping a major political issue? Perhaps so. But there is cause for suspicion.

23. This is just not any kind of governance I’ve ever seen, even during Shrub’s wildest days…


25. Do they even realize how idiotic they sound?

26. Surreal.

Rex Tillerson is off to an agonizingly slow start as secretary of state. That matters, because if Tillerson doesn’t develop a stronger voice, control of foreign policy is likely to move increasingly toward Stephen K. Bannon, the insurgent populist who is chief White House strategist.

Just what we need, Prez SoS Bannon. And if that were not enough there’s this. Ominous, I’d say.

As Poynter explained, “[T]he logistics of keeping up with [Tillerson] by assembling stringers or hopscotching about on commercials flights makes coverage exceedingly difficult, if not impossible.” According to CNN, a senior official “told reporters Tuesday Tillerson prefers to travel on a smaller plane and ‘carries a much smaller footprint.’” Tillerson’s plan to exclude the press from traveling with him overseas represents a stunning State Department policy reversal, while further cementing his image as a secretive cabinet figure who has had virtually no contact with journalists since being sworn in. “The secretary of state has given only a handful of prepared statements to the press and has not taken any questions,” CNN noted.
That veil of secrecy has quickly emerged as the hallmark for this shadowy administration.
It’s important to note that while President Trump’s ongoing war on the press has received most of the attention this year as he threatens journalists and restricts their access, there are plenty of indications that the rampant secrecy and disdain for transparency is widespread. “The retreat from the press has taken place administration-wide,” Politico noted.

Keeping our press out of the loop on diplomatic trips? The fuck?

27. This is a repudiation of everything we’ve stood for since WWII. I am ashamed. And yet all I can do is bear witness and call attention to it.

28. The absurdity… the lengths to which complicit press tries to prop up illegitimate administration.

29. They all lie. Pence says he did not know about Flynn’s foreign agent payments but he was informed last November.

30. You’ve got to be kidding me. It’s like the GOP is actively working on being hated.

31. Bowling and pizza, huh?

32. Because of course God knows they won’t create any themselves.

33. Other countries pick up 45’s slack.

34. Yep

35. Scary, among 45 supporters:

36. Goddamn, Dana Rohrabacher needs to be run out of his district in 2018. Unfortunately I know that area — rich Newport Beach types. They’re happy with this idiot.

37. That headlines like this are even published…

38. This is insane, not to mention shocking.

A person familiar with the calls that have been made said there was no advance warning of the move. It came less than 24 hours after Sean Hannity, the Fox News commentator who often speaks with Mr. Trump, called for a “purge” of Obama appointees at the Justice Department on his show.

39. Terming the previous administration employees as “saboteurs” is just beyond the pale.

40. *snort*

The latest to be added to the list: the No Taxpayer Revenue Used to Monetize the Presidency Act, otherwise known as the No TRUMP Act.
The bill, introduced Thursday by Rep. Earl Blumenauer, D-Ore., would prohibit the use of taxpayer dollars to pay for events, overnight stays, food or other expenses at hotels owned or operated by a president or his relatives.

I approve.

41. Watch Maddow. She’s pulling pieces together.

42. The conflicts of interest are just insane.

43. The FBI is allotting fewer agents to investigate Russia than Clinton’s emails? Is this some kind of joke?

It’s five to 10 fewer than were assigned to the Hillary Clinton email investigation, said the source, who is not authorized to speak publicly and did so on the condition of anonymity. There were about two dozen dedicated to that case, so that makes 15 to 20 on the Russia investigation.

44. Excellent example of blackwhite at work.

45. Yep, Tillerson is bullshitting on this one. WHY the secrecy? How long will we permit it?

46. Sure, why not. Pesky regulations, leaving companies at the mercy of mean people.

47. This is a republican guy shredding 45’s dumpster fire.

“People are not being honest about their foreign contacts, and talk about this ‘deep state theory’ as if there are somehow Obama moles in the government under the Trump administration,” Painter continued.
“It’s the KGB agents running around the West Wing or the national security council.”

48. I’m sticking this one in here just because and because also 45’s admin is something like 27% women so far. (Or is it that we’re smarter to stay far the fuck away from this fascist regime?)

49. OK, major props to Fox Radio’s Jon Decker. He called out racist bagshit Lucian Wintrich at the WH press briefing room. We need more of this.

AddictingInfo includes links to relevant tweets:

I guess it makes sense one piece of shit would personally invite another piece of shit to the WH briefing room.

50. Because of course.

51, This is what 45 calls draining the swamp, no doubt. Firstly on 8 March, Bharara was asked to investigate the Emoluments Clause as it relates to 45.

Then wonder of wonders, mere days later, but also after Hannity bleated on his POS show that ermagherdz DEEP STATE OBAMAZERS KILLZ ALL!1!! 45 swung into prompt action!1! With class, of course:


“I did not resign,” Bharara said on Twitter on Saturday afternoon. “Moments ago I was fired. Being the US Attorney in SDNY will forever be the greatest honor of my professional life.”
Bharara has been one of the most prominent prosecutors in the country, going after political corruption in New York State and Wall Street figures. Here are some of The New Yorkers stories about his career:

But because Hannity whined and 45 is such a brainless, spineless loser that he pretty much does anything he sees on the tee vee, 45 obligingly fired Bharara and 45 other US attorneys.

“The U.S. attorney position shouldn’t be a political football,” former Manhattan District Attorney Robert Morgenthau told the Daily News. “It sends the wrong message when someone in that position is summarily fired.”

Ya think?

Morgenthau resigned his job as Manhattan U.S. attorney in 1969 in a similar dispute with the Nixon White House.

Oh, burn.

Note that Bharara was also investigating Russia connections and has a history with Russia:

Oh my god. I couldn’t figure out why Dinesh D’Souza was making so many extremely nasty & racist tweets at Bharara (other than that D’Souza is a complete turd anyway) but THIS IS WHY: HE PUT D’SOUZA IN JAIL. I cannot make this shit up:

And I gotta say… yeah:

And that sums it up

52. Good. Keep it up everyone.

53. Aw hell. Probably figured it was empty. You know, weekends everyone bunkers down in MAL, 45 hasn’t appointed 99% of the workforce yet, who could be there?