Authoritarianism: Jan 8–14 Changes

Experts in authoritarianism advise to keep a list of things subtly changing around you, so you’ll remember.

  1. POETUS raging about how little on-air time his spox got.

2. Murdoch worming his way inside.

3. More sickening realizations as to the consequences possible on Twitter. In other words, online IS REAL LIFE NOW. In case you had any doubts. Was Hannity’s account hacked?

4. Realizing Nixon was small potatoes.

5. POETUS upset at negative attention.

Which is not even true, as the media is basically busy normalizing Trump and his authoritarian kleptocracy.

6. Government-sanctioned purging of civil servants being set up.

[T]his kind of purge of civil servants is often one of the first moves of an authoritarian, and, ironically and frighteningly, getting legislation to do so was also one of Hitler’s first moves, upon taking power.
The Law for the Restoration of the Professional Civil Service was passed just two months after Hitler became Chancellor of Germany. It was such a major piece of his plan to ultimately become dictator, that the Holocaust Museum notes it on their timeline of events.

7. Consistently nominating people opposed to the very thing they are running now. Eg. DeVos for Education, and now this:

8. Blatant nepotism in giving Ivanka Trump’s husband a senior advisor position in WH.

9. Leaving no one at the helm while transitioning. First the wholesale recall of all ambassadors, whether or not a replacement was ready by the 20th, but also of the folks in charge of the nuclear arsenal:

10. It took Bush six years to reach this level of unpopularity that Trump has achieved before Jan 20 2017

11. An AG confirmation hearing where senators ask about “grabbing of genitals as described by the President-elect”. And candidate is on record (previously) as saying he didn’t think it’s “sexual assault” but now says sure, yeah.

12. Compromising Russian intel on Trump includes “golden showers” with prostitutes and the big question pretty much has to be

And I actually typed this comment in all seriousness:

I only care about the pervy sex insofar as he damn well better not hire prostitutes to piss on any of the WH’s beds.
…and I can’t believe I ever had to seriously type that.

And twitter just drowns itself in the jokes. Tinkle, tinkle, little czar. Putin put you where you are. (George Takei)

13. Watching the ex-president of Mexico slam Trump on social media

14. Finding out that Trump and Tillerson (Secretary of State nominee) haven’t even discussed policy yet. Nor John Kelly (DHS pick) on immigration with Trump. o.O

15. Dan Rather weighs in on how crazy it is.

16. Trump insists he’s exempt from conflict of interest, will run business as usual as prez.

14. Threats to independent government agencies for raising questions and objections.

15. Illegal activities by Mike Flynn (who is to be Trump’s selected National Security Advisor) and general WTFery from FBI Director Comey

16. Sitting Senator says Trump is “not legitimate President”

17. Seeing comments like this from mainstream reporters.

18. Elected officials boycotting the Inauguration.

19. Petty, vindicative, racist bickering:

20. Countries start asking Putin to direct Trump to help them.

Abbas also sent letters to other world powers, including Russia, China and the European Union, calling on them to “spare no effort” to prevent the US from making the move, Wafa said.


21. Forcing out people literally “at stroke of midnight.” First it was all the diplomatic posts — whether or not replacement appointments have been made & in most case they haven’t — then it was the announcer guy who just got a curt email punting him. Now this guy is supposed to leave in the middle of the inauguration when Trump becomes the illegitimate successor to President Obama.

22. Realizing I will never voluntarily call him a president. The politest thing I will call him is Trump.