United States of Authoritarianism: July 23-July 29

  1. Because of course…

Thing of it is, Scaramucci is very comfortable and very personable in front of a camera. This is going to make him extremely dangerous. Spicer always looked like he was about to choke on his own vomit, and Huckabee Sanders gives the glummest recitals as she reads off her paper… but this guy…

2. *blink*…*blink*…*blink*blink*blink*

3. *sigh* Fuckwit in Chief, wannabe Dear Fascist Leader of the U.S…

4. Entertainment, folks.

5. A billion here, a billion there… so hard to keep track of it all!

6. Oh my fucking god. The fucking WHINER. If this doesn’t enrage the GOP…

“It’s very sad that Republicans, even some that were carried over the line on my back, do very little to protect their President,” Trump wrote on Twitter after a visit to Trump National Golf Club in Virginia.

7. Not much family loyalty, there.

8. What the fuck kind of three ring circus is the GOP running? NOT KNOW WHICH BILL WILL BE VOTED ON MERE DAYS BEFORE THE VOTE? How do you even know what’s in the bill. Oh, right, it doesn’t matter because party.

9. Reminder: This is one of the cases Preet Bharara was working on before Trump canned him.

10. Sure. Family of grifters. Ivanka Antoinette included.

The document also shows that Ivanka has received $2.4 million from her stake in the Trump International Hotel in Washington, D.C. The Washington hotel has become a prime example of the presidential family’s unprecedented web of conflicts of interest, as foreign diplomats have flocked to the hotel in an attempt to curry favor with the administration.

11. Remember now, this is the guy tasked with solving the Middle East.

12. Possibility of a so-called “Rexit” — that is, Tillerson leaving before too long. It looks to me like there are going to be fewer and fewer choices to draw on before long — and we’ll have no one who knows what they are doing in multiple key departments.

12. The saddest part is that this is ENTIRELY PLAUSIBLE.

13. Christ on a fucking crutch.

14. Now that Fuckwit in Chief is considering sacking Sessions and replacing with Giuliani, it’s time to remember these tidbits:

and remember the jackass grinning and snortling and chortling on TV about how YES WE WERE SO CLEVER ON GETTING A LEGAL MUSLIM BAN SETUP TEE HEE HEE GIGGLE GIGGLE.


15. Heh.

16. I don’t think even being unplugged will save my irony meter over this one. I mean, if brain cancer surgery hours before a BCRAp vote isn’t a come to jesus moment, I don’t know what is. Also, if he votes for this, anyone telling me McCain deserves respect will be told to fuck right off.

The running replies to his tweet are just amazing.

17. I just….whut? Boy Scouts? Really? What the actual fuck?

In the Boy Scout speech, Trump also threatened to fire his own Health and Human Services Secretary, Tom Price, if a Senate bill to repeal the Affordable Care Act failed to pass.

The dimwit evidently thinks he’s running an Apprentice show in the White House. This is so embarrassingly stupid.

Oh, the pussy grabbing pee president in typical form…

18. Mooch at the helm.

“We’ve got to get the leaks stopped,” he said on “Fox News Sunday.” “If we don’t get the leaks stopped — I am a businessperson, and so I will take dramatic action to stop those leaks.”

What does that even mean? Shots at dawn?

Scaramucci wants the communications shop focused on serving a single client — the president — and is looking outside of the White House to recruit new advisers with professional experience, especially on television. He is considering bringing on corporate communications specialists as well as people who have on-air experience, according to people briefed on his plans. Scaramucci has deep contacts at Fox News, where he was a paid contributor and hosted a weekly show on Fox Business Network.

What could possibly go wrong?

19. You know, Congress is just busy shooting itself in the foot and tearing up its own relevancy in the process.

20. This is exactly what we are seeing here. It’s the Apprentice Presidency, the blackest mark on the Federal US Gov’t history since Jackson.

21. The 80s called. They’re rolling their eyes.

Honest to god, this set of maneuvers would make more sense to attack the opoid epidemic (I would still oppose it as the wrong overall approach, but at least update the fucking FUD to something contemporary, FFS.)

22. Pulled all together, very daunting & sobering.

23. Rage tweeting.

Not to mention…

24. Wow. Umm…. Wow.

How much you wanna bet the leaks will continue unabated?

25. Current rundown on health care bill in Senate:

Well, fuck. Do not ever the fuck ever tell me how McCain deserves respect, because with this, he’s wiped out anything else he’s done in his fucking life. And no, his sanctimonious blathering spew after his vote to put healthcare on the table is meaningless froth.

See how happy everyone looks? REMEMBER THIS IN 2018.

26. Whoa. A love letter from every single former CBO director to Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell telling them they are being twats.

27. And the dysfunction continues, though this time filibustering the recess has a positive outcome from my POV.

28. No, it is not okay.

No country ever has attained perfection in this regard, but the United States has been the envy of the world because certain norms have been accepted. After hard-fought elections, the losing side concedes and the winning side leaves the loser in peace to fight another day. Leaders are expected to speak truthfully to their citizens. They respect the essential nonpartisan nature of law enforcement and the military and of key civic organizations such as the Boy Scouts of America. They show respect too for the political opposition.
To list those basic expectations is to understand how low Mr. Trump is bringing his office. Just in the past few days, he urged Navy men and women to call Congress on behalf of his political goals and turned the National Scout Jamboree into an unseemly political rally, calling the nation’s politics a “cesspool” and a “sewer”and disparaging his predecessor and the media. Routinely he trades in untruths, even after they have been exposed and disproved. He has launched an unprecedented rhetorical assault on the independence of the Justice Department, the FBI and the special counsel’s office — and now he is again threatening his defeated 2016 opponent.

Even worse:

29. Oh my god. Security protocols? Screening? How did they get his number? WHAT KIND OF FUCKING AMATEUR HOUR IS THIS?

30. Played. They all got thoroughly played by the Russians, who didn’t even have to try hard o.O

The intelligence community’s report makes a similar point, noting, “Russian influence campaigns are multifaceted and designed to be deniable because they use a mix of agents of influence, cutouts, front organizations, and false-flag operations.”

31. If Obama had outlawed shoe-tying, Fuckwit would be busy repealing it.

32. Oh yes, Mr-LGBT-Loves-Me is in fine form.

This is becoming familiar:

33. Just a nice reminder to run down, and how this is the most dysfunction we’ve seen in the U.S. since at least the civil war. There is no excuse for none of these having imploded his presidency already.

34. Well…

35. To the day. Wow.


Then: <https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Executive_Order_9981>

36. The hollowing out of the U.S.’s state dept. continues, further eroding our foreign relations & security…

37. Um, WHUT?

38. Unnerving stuff here

39. Hmm…. popcorn? I mean, if the collateral damage to the country itself wasn’t so high…

40. Yes, of course.

41. Canada is trolling Трамп.

42. Do I detect signs of exasperation?

and in keeping with the new times, tweeted:

43. Just when I was ready to go to bed, too. Ooh, he deleted this after I linked it. Good thing I capped it.

OK, but isn’t that the OGE disclosure? Isn’t that filing with OGE a public document?


Seriously guys, this is not how you run a government. I’m pretty sure you don’t want to run a business like this, either. WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS STUPID SHIT?

Yah, he may have charm and comfort in front of a camera but other than that… o.O



Hm, did Mooch delete his tweet? Why yes, yes he did! Aw, and The Hill put up an article and everything:

44. The states are becoming more important players this last half year.

45. Righteous scorching. However the problem still remains of how to get rid of him or at least check him for the next three years. Because the GOP AIN’T DOING FUCK SHIT ABOUT IT.

46. DoJ under Sessions and Трамп: rolling back all civil rights until, presumably, we’re back to 1776 and only landed white men need apply.

47. It’s kind of interesting to see the GOP bestir itself to protect Sessions. Is attacking the former Senator a bit too close to home?

48. /sigh

49. The Трамп administration is hinting that Interior can cut funding to Alaskan villages in retribution for Murkowski’s vote on health care. Do they know she chairs the committee that oversees Interior? Do they know she survived the last GOP attack on her by winning as a write-in candidate?Zinke might want to rethink being a tool in this war… (see #60)

50. Hm… someone should check any correlation with this and with states that actually cooperated with Kabach’s “fraud commission” voter data request.

51. Interesting. I don’t know if this is too little too late.

52. What’s interesting with this is I get the sense that T is finally starting to encroach on what the Senate views as its own…and they’re getting cranky about it. Again, too little too late?

53. Interesting read.

54. Yes.

55. Just….jeebus. THEN DON’T VOTE FOR IT!! You know the House will pass anything they get from the Senate at the speed of light. In fact, they will likely upend all of Einsteins theory in the process.

Medium fail again. Below is the actual headline, at least when I dumped it here.

56. So many things need fixing. Newt has a lot to answer for and should go down in U.S. history in infamy.

57. Or to put it another way.. it’s the Bankruptcy President!

58. You, sir, are absolutely delusional if you think you can in the slightest trust any promise from Ryan.

[T]hey feared that House Republican leaders could just take the stripped-down bill, pass it and send it to President Trump.
“Right now, I am voting no,” Mr. McCain said.
Mr. Graham was emphatic.
“I need assurances from the speaker of the House and his team that if I vote for the skinny bill, then it will not be the final product,” Mr. Graham said. “I’m not going to vote for a pig in a poke.”

If you don’t want the fucking skinny bill then DON’T FUCKING VOTE FOR IT. How hard is this?

59. o.O

Scaramucci also told me that, unlike other senior officials, he had no interest in media attention. “I’m not Steve Bannon, I’m not trying to suck my own cock,” he said, speaking of Trump’s chief strategist. “I’m not trying to build my own brand off the fucking strength of the President. I’m here to serve the country.” (Bannon declined to comment.)

Lordy there are tapes.

No less bizarre, though perhaps less profanity laced is this interview. Maybe lay off the coke?

No doubt this meta decision is a commentary in its own right.

Nevertheless, I’m pretty sure this shitstorm has T happy, since it takes focus off healthcare, Russia, etc. Shocking as all this is, let’s keep all the balls up in the air, shall we? (Yes, yes, I went there.)

60. And…boom. Yeah, my money’s on Murkowski. (see #49)

61. This.

In business, employees are united by the common purpose of maximizing profits. Political organizations have no financial bottom line: They must unite around a shared vision and purpose. During the campaign, Trump united his team around the goal of winning an election. But in the White House, Trump has failed to unite his team (let alone the American people) around an organizing principle that is larger than defending the president’s own reputation. Without a common purpose, factions feel the need to leak against one another.
The leaks are also the result of deep disloyalty, for which the president has only himself to blame. Trump demands blind loyalty from his subordinates. But blind loyalty does not exist in politics, except among sycophants and people without principles — neither of whom make for trustworthy aides. If Trump wants loyalty from his Cabinet and staff, he must recognize that loyalty is a two-way street and show them more respect than he has to date. With his attacks on Attorney General Jeff Sessions, he’s demonstrating precisely the opposite: Even his most loyal supporters cannot expect loyalty in return.

62. That’s his JOB. To give accurate info. WTF?

63. Senate fails to pass skinny repeal. This is quite possibly one of the nastiest bit of infighting I have seen McCain do. He clearly planned the entire thing to take McConnell out and now it’s really impossible to take the ACA up except under the full 60 votes for any kind of passage.

To enjoy the schadenfreude best:

To be clear, I am not lionizing McCain (I can’t stand him and don’t respect him). Given that he voted for the Cruz amendment before pivoting to take McConnell down, it’s clear that he’d be happy to take down the ACA. If the Senate had been imploding around a chicken farming budget bill, he would have used that to make his point. But he used it to masterful effect.

Wow. Anyway, retaliation was almost immediate: Rand Paul filed an objection to McCain’s pet project, the NDAA forcing it off the table for Friday, and McCain has to return home over the weekend and resume his medical care without putting the NDAA to bed. Who knows how long that will be kicked down the road given the Senate’s current disarray.

64. Uh.

65. OK, so Senate efforts to repeal the ACA are done for the moment. However, McConnell has put it back on the calendar (don’t know if there’s a given date, I think this just means it comes back up later). However it can’t be brought up this year under budgetary reconciliation so it goes to 60 votes if so. Man, McCain buried that shiv deep into McConnell’s back.

66. You’d think we wouldn’t have to threaten to sue the U.S. govt for clean water & air…

67. Mueller’s investigation, that is. Holy crap does no one vet headlines anymore?

68. Let’s see where this heads:

69. Is there anything this administration has done to help people? Besides himself and other filthy rich? Anything at all?

70. It’s only going to get worse unless we get Трамп and his cronies out.

71. What the hell?

72. An american hero speaks out, and I share her worries…

73. Well that didn’t last long. I’m tempted to close this week’s list out with this one as a perfect bookend even tho it’s Friday.

Perhaps another tweet from Scaramucci would clear up just how Lizza proved untrustworthy — though it would surely dig a deeper hole for “The Mooch,” who today celebrates his one-week mark in the job. By talking and tweeting and then talking and tweeting some more, Scaramucci has placed himself in the sort of bind that “smooth” operators avoid: If his remarks were on the record — and indeed we trust Lizza’s version of events — he’s a scheming, swearing, insecure, vengeful, vacuous, incompetent, obsequious and clueless man. If you believe the conversation, somehow, was off the record, he’s a leaker.

74. I….whut? OK, are there any actual politicians with experience at the WH left?

Best description of the WH I’ve seen so far: A circular backstabbing squad.

75. I’m not entirely convinced that Mooch is worse than Bannon, actually.

76. Wow…if I was a donor I’d be furious. How’d I miss this one? While it may be entirely legal, it sure doesn’t seem like it would incentivize people to keep donating. Especially the big $$.

77. /licks chops

The Democrats need take only 14 seats to flip the House. There are 7 Republican incumbents on the ballot in California, where the president’s approval rating has tumbled to 25 percent, down five points since Inauguration Day. There are 5 more in New Jersey, where Governor Chris Christie’s approval rating has plunged to 15 percent.
The 2018 Senate map favors Republicans, but the president has gone out of his way to tie the single most imperiled Republican incumbent, Nevada’s Dean Heller, tightly to him and to the unpopular health-care bill. The president is waging open war against Arizona’s Jeff Flake — and his approval rating has sunk below 50 percent in states that might otherwise have been thought of as pickup opportunities, including Missouri and Michigan.

78. I have got to stop letting my jaw drop open.

79. In the meantime, here’s how Трамп and his cronies continue to fuck the U.S. over.

80. And Kelly…well…

And of course, in keeping with this administration’s record of careful planning…

81. <grin>

82. Not entirely sure that’s a gauntlet he wants to throw down.

83. OK, the AHCA has been returned to the Senate calendar. Here’s what I missed. The votes of the last week were on amendments, not the bill itself. This thread clears up what is going on:

In other words, Skinny Repeal can’t come back untl FY19, but the House bill (AHCA) itself remains and McConnell indeed put it back on the calendar. They’re already discussing the next step. Talk about a fucking zombie bill (so keep calling your senators!)