I Traveled and Learned About One Chance

Trekkers coming down Kilimanjaro at sunrise. Source: www.browngaltrekker.com & www.peakexplorations.com

It’s one of those life lessons.

When people tell you there’s one chance on certain things in life, believe them. There’s one chance at a job opportunity, that house you’ve been wanting, that unusual flavor of ice cream, that trip of a lifetime, that loved one you lost, that partner you connected with, that dream that you have, and it goes on and on.

Why do we even stop to think whether to go 100% on pursuing that chance? What part of holding off makes sense at all? It doesn’t except for fear or ego. How many times have we lost that partner that we hold dearly because we are too stubborn to invest in the relationship? We convince ourselves of the lie that people will wait for you to come around patiently. And yet they don’t. No one does and no one will. Soon enough, they will no longer be there because we did not take that “one chance” to be a loving partner or whatever else we needed to do to make him or her stay. Take that one chance to love and be love. It’s truly the only way to live.

If there’s anything that traveling has taught me, it’s the idea that we need to be quick and mindful of that one rare chance to create something beautiful in our lives. But, of course, you ought to know that to “create” means work and investment. It means taking a plunge, not just merely watching the figment of chance pass us by. But most of us tell ourselves, “There’ll be another” or we simply just cannot decide because we fear being wrong. Alas, that “another” never comes. We wait in despair. Soon after, we realize we have regrets over that “one” chance that we once had.

Sunset in Usambara mountains, Tanzania. Source: www.browngaltrekker.com & www.peakexplorations.com

Traveling opens our eyes to the fact that a chance meeting with a stranger with whom we connect is rare. The rare chance of catching the sunrise on an expected cloudy day atop a mountain can never be taken for granted. The luck we have for catching a local bus in a remote part of China after a long flight can’t certainly be taken as common. Be glad to be that fortunate for the world conspired to make it happen. Traveling reminds us that we ought to be up on our toes to make sure we are watching the rare chances come our way so we can embrace them fully without hesitation, but only with anticipation as is found in the heart of a young boy or girl who expects his or her truest desires to have yet to come.

Be ready to be ready to be ready for it. And then be ready some more.

After all, the chance for a clear blue sky in the monsoon season in the Himalayas is one to die for so that we feel alive. Take care of those chances. Don’t let them pass you by. It’s the subtle way that life delivers its gifts to you for our higher purpose. Be ready to receive them every time.