How We Changed the Facebook Friends Icon
Caitlin Winner

As an 84 yo thumb typist I find a discussion on icons rather curious. My working life involved manual labor, military, retail, conservation and a smattering of trades work. It appears my history is bound up in “doing things” that are rather quickly apparent and as a result mostly satisfying. Your discussion causes me to step away from my comfort zone of wiring a home or selling a swing set to probe the comfort zone of designing an icon and attempting to imagine the satisfaction therein. Whereas I could visually witness accomplishments you were testing your talents with others to arrive at a finished product that pleased all involved. As I started this response of sorts, I somehow felt that I was coming from the high ground, if you will. Alas now I am feeling some humbling in recognizing that my talents were true but finite in their scope. You on the other hand could imagine other ways to resolve an issue. The trades have codes and rules that should not be altered in a substantial way and therefore our issues are more rote and once learned are replicated to meet the codes. I was more comfortable at the beginning of this than I am just now and for that I thank you. In this instance reading your piece wasn’t enough for me. I needed to discuss it with myself. This is my first step in this “ Medium”. Hope you’re still awake.

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