Moving on and on

Sometimes the whole premise behind moving on to better things seems to be very flawed. Its easy to mis-use that phrase so well , almost to an extent where it will end up justifying every shitty thing you end up doing with your life. Had a rift with your girlfriend, it not working out for you ? Move on ! (For every time i hear that i will simply gift my neighbour a dollar. He is a millionaire now. (And for everytime you heard that usage , you will do the same to your neighbour and make him a millionaire (Go recursive bracketing!))). Back to the topic. Yes. The phrase. Damn that phrase is so wrongly used i say. Want to leave your family and start a career in USA ? Good, its time to move on with your life. It happens. But how much do we all keep moving on with life? When do we stop ? When do i stop getting what i want and start thinking about giving? When am i good enough to do that? Will someone tell me?

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