It turns out that I have to write to maintain some semblance of sanity, even if this means costing someone theirs.

So I’m just going to write about anything that i feel is worth talking about.

What’s happening to nuance?

I do not have the authority to speak on it, since I myself had the unfortunate privilege of being asked “Dude, what is it with you and superlatives ? Why is everything awesome, and cool, and epic? Tone it down ?”

So, as someone who was awesoming things that were barely qualified enough to be quite good, let me state that a general lack in taste when it comes to politics seems to be gripping our nation by the walls. The facebook feed is full, the twitter timelines are too crowded to fit in one single universe/space time continuum, and most discussions are concussion inducing.

The internet in general just seems to give you just enough information and ignorance to get you to don the dunning kruger cap, and think of yourself as one cunning foxy son of a beach. Forgive my puns and my french, but at this point I am not sure if any of us are beyond redeeming ourselves to even go “apolitical” on our Facebook profile. Those days are long past.

I propose we simply admit to “the world is fucked” and “india is my country and i hope us young people participate in democracy instead of painfully opining on it”, and “I retreat to my position on Pinarayi Vijayan/Tharoor/Modi to the one i had 20 years ago, which is fuck-all”


Look for credible sources of news that help us form a congruent and objective view of reality and accept how every issue is a combination of hard-to-tell motivation meeting easy-to-tell opportunistic tendencies and some very sophisticated power hungry people gaming the system, much like how you accept how complicated the whole plot to Game of Thrones is (Though we all know who’s winning in the end, right?)