Diversify your income: All my ideas for making money online
Lauren Holliday

Thank you for sharing this for free on this domain. Plenty of people are going to be upset with you for sharing the information they use to acquire emails from subscribers:)

I agree with most of your list, however, the only thing I take issue with is “Launch your course before you finish. This will put a fire under your ass to get it done.” Look, as a professional teacher, I take teaching pretty seriously and I hate it when people think that talking at people for 45 minutes is “teaching.” It is not. Please take the time to prepare a quality course. You’re not in a hurry. This is not a race. Please complete it before launching. As a teacher I can’t start teaching without having my lesson plans or syllabus approved and you should complete yours, too. You can change it later. Each person teaching a course should hold themselves to that standard. What if someone asks you a question and you don’t have the answer because you haven’t thought that far ahead? Please, take your time. Understand, I am not buying your course. I am buying some hand holding. I am buying your process. I am buying something I could find on my own for free, but may not have the time to do the footwork myself. So, I am asking you to do it for me. You should also have it done beforehand so you can see the pitfalls before you start and gauge whether or not it is a profitable course worth teaching. Thank you.

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