Here’s How to Thrive in the Millennial Economy. Embrace this or Die.
Richie Norton

Things are-a changing but not necessarily for the better. Companies are not hiring full time enployees because it is cheaper to hire temporary employees where they don’t have to offer pensions, 401K plans and health insurance. Plain and simple. People have to have a side hustle or two or five to survive. We work harder now and for less pay than our parents on top of it have to deal with complicated technological systems that are supposed to make things easier, not harder. I am afraid that if we keep producing businesses at this break neck speed we’re going to build a bubble that will burst. We’ve got to slow down and assess where all of us are going.

This current system is sh it. You’re better off buying a farm and selling locally than trying to figure out how to make this messed up system work.

The tragedy is that if technology had not changed so fast and business leaders had offered a better transition, not so many people would be hurting now. Gen x, my generation, the generation that got caught in the transition, has all been forgotten about in favor of millenials and gen z. We want to fix this and join in but times have moved ahead too fast for some of us to catch up. I’d say it’s not fair, but I doubt anyone would care.

Truth is, I don’t want to brand myself, sell myself, always sit in front of a computer. I hate coding. I hate math. I love writing but don’t want to blog or vlog. I hate fashion and disposible music. I’m tired of this push for everyone to be seen. Style over substance. I need my life to make sense and to matter and that means more humanity and less computers.

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